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Just a short while after the world saw Duane Chapman ask Moon Angell to marry him, his daughter Lyssa was arrested. What a mess.

This family feud is hurting more than just their family. It’s been reported that 

Duane Chapman Has Had It

When we wrote about what really went down when Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman appeared to propose, we touched on this topic.

According to The Sun, WGN America does not plan to give Dog’s Most Wanted a second season.

Dog’s Most Wanted was Duane’s first return to reality television in six years. He and Beth filmed the first season together.

The show premiered late last summer, after Beth had passed away.

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According to the WGN America insider, "WGN called Dog last week to tell him the show was cancelled."

"He would absolutely have loved to make a second season of the show," the source notes.

The insider adds: "So [he] is obviously disappointed."

And according to the report, Duane is not the only one who is feeling crushed by this news.

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Duane has recently been virtually inseparable from his employee and alleged "friend," Moon Angell.

According to the report, Moon "really wants him to get back to work and start earning some money."

In fact, loved ones are worried about Duane’s finances now that he will no longer have his own show.

His net worth may be $6 million, but that number can plummet surprisingly quickly without a real revenue stream.

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Loved ones are also concerned about Duane’s emotional well-being.

Some people throw themselves into their work in order to deal with grief. That won’t be an option for him, it seems.

Additionally, periods of emotional turmoil can make it so much harder to cope with a massive disappointment.

Of course, it sounds like Duane is getting a lot of emotional support at the moment … but, according to his family, that’s part of the problem.

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Moon Angell was an employee of the Chapman family for decades.

She was friends with Beth. She did a bit of everything for the family.

These days, she has moved Beth’s belongings out of Beth’s old closet and replaced them with her own.

Now, Lyssa raised objections to this. But Duane claims that he begged Moon to do this to help him with his grief.

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And, as the video that we have included with this article spells out, the proposal is fake — almost like a "test."

While Duane claims that he did not warn Moon that he would be doing it, it comes across as very rehearsed.

In the clip, after Duane proposes, Moon protests, laughs nervously, and unconvincingly says "we’re friends, Duane."

We don’t claim to know what’s going on between them behind closed doors, but it did sound like they planned that in the hopes of quashing rumors.

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Duane and Beth were not the only stars of Dog’s Most Wanted, and it’s unclear how the rest of their team — some of whom were like family — feel.

It is clear that Lyssa strongly feels that Moon is taking advantage of a grieving, emotional man and insinuating herself within the family.

It is also apparent that Lyssa is not alone, though not everyone has been as outspoken as she has.

That’s understandable, since Lyssa’s strong objections apparently led to her arrest last week. We hope that cooler heads will prevail in the future.