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Pretty much from the time they started dating, it’s been one thing after another for Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley.

For as long as he’s been in the public eye, all of Ronnie’s relationships have been horribly messy, but we realized this one was next level around the time Jen dragged him with her car.

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Back in October, Ronnie was tased and arrested after her allegedly assaulted Jen in LA.

Needless to say, since then, Magro and Harley haven’t been on the greatest terms.

In fact, Jen currently has a restraining order against Ronnie which prohibits him from contacting her and severely limits his contact with the former couple’s daughter, Ariana.

Which is why many fans were surprised to see Ari rocking a shirt that references the show that made her father famous.

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Yes, Jen posted the pic above this week — an obvious reference to Snooki and Deena’s Shore personas — and commenters were quick to accuse her of stirring up drama just to get her name back in the headlines.

"Stop riding jersey shore coat tails," wrote one fan, per The Blast.

"Exactly!! Lol cause she would be irrelevant otherwise," another echoed.

Jen was quick to clap back, claiming that she has no interest in seeking fame.

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"Believe me I don’t want to be relevant because it brings out a bunch of negative ass Debbie downer b-tches like you who just hate for no reason," she responded.

As for Ariana’s attire, Jen explained that "her father made her that shirt.

She also replied, "You are dumb as rocks honestly" to one fan who particularly got her goat.

Many were quick to point out that Jen may not want fame, but she certainly seems to enjoy the money that comes from Jersey Shore’s success.

Jen H.

In fact, one fan suggested she couldn’t support herself without, which really set Harley off.

"Are you sure about that lmfao please my ex and I made 80k a month owned an exotic car dealership together," she replied, encouraging the commenter to "fall back."

"I would’ve made more at Mc Donald’s than from JS," Jen added.

"I don’t want fame. I just want a family and a career and a good man."

We understand where she’s coming from — but we think Jen might have overestimated how much McDonald’s employees het paid.