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Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman’s show was canceled as his family feuds over his alleged new romance, but he’s focusing on what’s important.

As his family tears itself apart, he is sending a powerful message about what matters most: being there for each other.

Duane Chapman With Beth's Box of Ashes
(Entertainment Tonight)

Duane Chapman has been in mourning for nearly eight months.

In June of 2019, his beloved fifth wife, Beth, passed away after a horrible battle with throat cancer.

Just last week, his daughter Lyssa was arrested after a family row as she protested his alleged relationship with a family employee, Moon Angell.

And days ago, it was reported that Dog’s Most Wanted has been canceled by WGN America after a single season.

Photo via Instagram

Duane appears to be remaining positive on social media.

After his colleague, Richard Moore, posted a group photo to Instagram, Duane shared it — keeping the accompanying caption intact.

"A true reminder tonight about the importance of just being there for one another and celebrating together," Moore wrote.

That caption concluded: "Love you, man!"

Duane Chapman is Considering Something

For weeks, Duane’s adult daughter Lyssa has been railing against Moon Angell on social media.

Moon has been an employee of the Chapman family for decades. She and Beth were friends.

But according to Lyssa, she is replacing Beth in Duane’s life, even going so far as to replace Beth’s closet’s contents with her own belongings.

When Lyssa exposed this on Twitter, she claims that Duane called to threaten her with blackmail in an effort to silence her. Wow.

Photo via NBC

Duane was so desperate to stomp out the controversy that he and Moon went on Doctor Oz.

There, the two of them pulled a goofy stunt — Duane asked Moon for her hand in marriage.

In what appeared to be a rehearsed fashion, Moon protested that they were merely friends and that she doesn’t see him that way.

We’re not accusing them of lying about their relationship, of course, but the general perception was that they had planned the "test" proposal.

Duane Chapman and Moon Angell

It is clear that members of Duane’s family — not just Lyssa — see Moon as an interloper.

Lyssa says that Moon previously dated one of her brothers in her alleged efforts to insinuate herself with the family.

Duane is also a grown man who can do what he likes with himself, his money, and his legacy — whatever that means for him and Moon.

But Lyssa noted that she doesn’t have to like it or to remain silent whle whatever is allegedly happening continues to happen.

Lyssa Chapman Wears Blue

We’re sure that no one involved wanted things to escalate to the point where Lyssa was arrested.

Reports say that her arrest was the result of her role in a vaguely defined family spat.

This came just days after a teaser clip of Duane’s alleged "proposal" to Moon aired. That seems unlikely to be a coincidence.

We wish this complicated family the very best and keep in mind that they are all still in mourning. Grief can really mess with your head.