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This crazy boob job of Snooki’s really has us on spin cycle. 

We’re not sure that the plastic surgeon knew what he was doing, since he apparently gave her collarbone implants instead of breast implants. 

What even is this? 

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As you can see, if you can get past her face, her breasts are pushed right up underneath her clavicle. 

That’s generally not where boobs go, even if they’re super perky and you’re wearing a bomb bra. 

But Snooki, as you know, has no chill … so when the trashy Jersey Shore alum was asked about her preferences, she probably said, "The bigger, the better; the higher, the higher!"

She captioned the flaunty photo, "Just filmed my follow-up appointment for my new boobies!" 

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"Here’s my doctor who is amazing!" she gushed. 

The best part, perhaps, was the end, where she congratulated his skill. 

"Make sure you follow him," she said. 

"He does amazing natural work." 


Snooki VMAs 2016
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When she initially unveiled the new tits, she said, "I’m one week out of surgery, so they are very crazy."

"My nipples are falling off."

Thanks for the visual. 

Her boobs aren’t the only jacked thing around here lately, though. 

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She flaunted some seriously lop-sided lips earlier in the week, and slammed those on social media who didn’t like her new look. 

Snooki snapped back that she’d gotten "slapped in the face" by an "octopus" while on vacation. 

Crafty, that trolly little one, isn’t she? 

She continued her parade of self-deprecation – which is gads better than self-defecation – and said, "Frozen lips are in, girl!" 

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Except no, Snooks, they aren’t. 

And neither are huge, ill-placed fake boobs that look like they’re going to choke the living s–t out of you rather than subtly sit on your sternum, all perky-like. 

But that doesn’t stop Snooks from engaging in all sorts of deviant surgical behavior. 

This past August, she filmed herself getting Botox, and naturally, shared the video with all of her followers (who are these people, anyway? Who moved the rock?). 

"Today I’m getting needles in my face," she said. 

"Getting my first Botox in my forehead!" Snooki excitedly claimed. 

Do they do Botox of the brain? 

‘Cause if they don’t, it might be something to, you know, consider one day.