Tyler Nafziger: Father of 90 Day Fiance Star Arrested for Drugs (Again)

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Back in October, we shared the grim news that Nicole Nafziger's dad was arrested for drugs and battery. Yikes.

Make that double-yikes. Tyler Nafziger has once again been arrested on drug charges.

Nicole Nafziger and Tyler Nafziger

Florida Man takes many forms, and sometimes, they're related to longtime 90 Day Fiance stars.

Starcasm got a good look at the Sarasota Sheriff's Office's official records.

Tyler Nafziger has been charged one count of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

He has also been charged with one count of drug equipment possession and/or use.

Tyler Nafziger Mugshot

The controlled substance in question is Fentanyl, an extremely powerful painkiller that can easily be fatal.

His bond was set to $1,500 for each charge -- more than the average American can conjure up on short notice without struggling.

Because cash bail makes poverty a jailable offense, when the report was published, the 52-year-old was still behind bars.

Tyler Nafziger has an arraignment date scheduled for February 14. Someone's not having a very sexy Valentine's Day this year.

Nicole Nafziger is Blessed

So what went down with Nicole's dad to get him arrested?

According to the police report, it all started as a traffic stop.

Tyler spoke to the deputy while a 30-year-old man was his passenger.

Allegedly, the other officer saw something suspicious in plain view.

Nicole Nafziger Looks GORGEOUS in a Magenta Dress

The offier claims to have "observed in plain view a plastic bag that was tied with what appeared to be a white powder substance within."

"During my search of the vehicle two glass pipes with residue were located," the officer reports.

The report claims: "One pipe was located in the center console and one was located in the pocket of the driver’s side door."

"These pipes were consistent with paraphernalia used to ingest cocaine," the report details. So, in other words, crack pipes.

Nicole Nafziger With the Fun Hair

Tyler Nafziger allegedly divulged that the crack pipes belonged to him. 

Naturally, police tested the mysterious white powder.

Results, the police report, came back positive for fentanyl.

We should of course note that both Tyler and his passenger denied any knowledge of the white substance, acknowledging only the pipes.

Nicole Nafziger Weight Loss After Thanksgiving 2019

Fentanyl can provide powerful pain relief for cancer patients and others who are in extreme pain.

It is also potentially deadly and therefore a controlles substance.

He has an entire month before he is arraigned.

It is unclear if Tyler will remain in jail for being unable to pay for his own release until then.

Nicole Nafziger Stuns in Cobalt

Last year, when Tyler was arrested on drug charges and battery charges, he remained behind bars for more than two weeks before his release.

Notably, that case remains active. In fact, he has an upcoming hearing for it.

Tyler is due in court on January 14, which is Tuesday.

While being behind bars for another arrest is generally considered a valid excuse for missing court, it's ... not encouraging.

Nicole Nafziger With Daughter and Dad

Nicole Nafziger is of course not responsible for her father's (alleged!) crimes. We hope that no one thought otherwise.

They also do not reflect upon her. Countless millions of people have parents who range from troubled to awful.

Tyler's arrests are of interest because Nicole is, as a public figure, of interest. That's the way that the world works.

In terms of things for which men have been arrested in Florida, Tyler's alleged actions are profoundly tame.

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