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Jana Duggar is not merely here to wish her twin brother a happy 30th birthday.

She’s here to gush like crazy over John David and both the man he’s always been and the man he’s become ever since having a child.

Jana Duggar and JD
Photo via Instagram

"Ever since John and I were little we’ve been asked if we have that “twin thing," wrote Jana on Sunday to open her loving tribute, adding by way of clarification:

"You know, the thing where you feel what the other one is feeling or know what the other one is thinking…"

Yes, we’re aware of this thing, Jana.

It sort of seems like a bunch of hogwash, but we guess that’s easy for us to say, seeing as we don’t have any twin websites or anything.

Photo via Instagram

"Well, John, I’ve always answered that with a no,"Jana continued, prior to making a correction and writing:

"But now I can honestly say that the day little Gracie was born I felt every bit of happiness that you did, so I guess it must be real!"

Jana, of course, is referring  here to John David and wife Abbie welcoming their very first child into the world on Tuesday, January 7.

This is what they wrote in celebration of the occasion:

Photo via Instagram

Our lives have changed forever with the arrival of our baby girl. She’s is a beautiful gift from God.

We are so blessed the Lord has given her to us. It’s still surreal to know that we are really parents but it’s a great new adventure that we are excited to take on together.

We then learned the baby’s name is Grace Annette.

Grace, for those curious, means eloquence and kindness and is derived from the Latin “gratia” and ties it to “God’s grace,” while Annette is of French origin, also meaning “grace."

And it’s also Abbie’s middle name!

Abbie Duggar and John David
Photo via Instagram

Continued Jana in her birthday message:

"It’s so sweet watching you & Abbie as parents! You’re naturals! And the same qualities that have made you a wonderful brother will also make you an amazing dad.

"You are wise, tenderhearted, godly, and patient.

"You stand for what you believe in, you’ve always been one to think outside the box, and are always determined to finish what you’ve started."

Jana Duggar on Counting On: A Photo
Photo via TLC

Wow, Jana. You’re making us wish we were your sibling so you could say similar nice stuff about us.

Concluded Jana, once again referencing her precious brand new niece and addressing her brother:

Being an aunt to your little girl is priceless. Being your twin is an honor. Happy birthday, John!!

Abbie, meanwhile, took a few moments away from motherhood to also send along some heartfelt birthday wishes; first, posting the photo below of John David…

Photo via Instagram

… and then adding:

Happy Birthday John!!! You are the love of my life! Thank you for making my dreams come true.

You are selfless, quick to forgive, steady, generous, wise, creative, loving, gentle, affectionate and beyond sweet. Thank you for reading the Bible and praying with me every day, and selflessly loving me like Jesus does.

Happy 30th sweetheart!!!