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We’re only two episodes in, but thus far, there’s been no shortage of conflict in Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.

And it seems that every time there’s a new feud, frontrunner Hannah Ann Sluss is somehow involved.

Hannah Ann
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Hannah got off to a chilly start last night when her bubbly personality proved insufficient to save her from being embroiled in the scandal that came to be known as champagne-gate.

It was tough to pick a side in that one, as Hannah Ann came off as a bit of a bully, but Kelsey also seemed a little thin-skinned for this type of competition.

Plus who leaves a champagne bottle and bucket of ice next to a roaring fire, ya know?

Of course, those who stayed tuned throughout the entire 2 hours (we can’t help but think producers could cut down on the runtime if they didn’t feel the need to show us what’s coming up before every commercial break) know that Kelsey wasn’t the only rival Hannah squared off against last night.

Hannah Ann Sluss on The Bachelor
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If you’ve been following our Bachelor spoilers these past few months, then you’re probably familiar with the strange saga of Victoria Fuller.

If you’re looking to avoid spoilers, then please take this as your warning to read no further.

Now, on last night’s episode, Victoria and Hannah squared for a runway walk-off, a la Derick Zoolander and Hansel.

It was sort of a split decision, as the judges handed Hannah a victory, but Peter handed Victoria a rose at the end of the night.

Hannah Ann Sluss vs. Victoria Fuller
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Hannah has already proven herself to be something of a divisive figure, with some fans deriding her as his season’s Luke P., and others defending her by pointing out that it’s a game, and she’s clearly playing to win.

Whatever the case, it was hard not to side with Victoria and Kelsey, both of whom came off as much more genuine, sincere, and … well, human.

The situation is made all the more interesting by the fact that all three ladies make their way into Peter’s final four (along with Madison Prewett).

Now, Hannah might be the most competitive and egotistical contestant in this year’s cast, so we’re sure she shrugged off last night’s losses by assuring herself that she’ll be the last woman standing at the final rose ceremony.

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Is she right?

Well, we’re not quite sure, but she almost certainly outlasts both Kelsey and Victoria.

We know that Kelsey makes it to the final four, but she doesn’t advance any further than the hometown round.

As for Victoria — well, that’s a much more complicated situation.

Victoria F. Photo
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As we’ve previously reported, Victoria is one of the most controversial contestants in the history of the Bachelor franchise, and she’s almost certainly the subject of all those "finale shockers" that they keep flashing forward to this season.

Basically, as this season draws to a close, several associates of Victoria’s from her hometown contact the show and allege that Victoria is in the habit of breaking up her friends’ marriages by seducing their husbands.

In the run-up to this season, Victoria was portrayed as this sultry, femme-fatale type, and while she may look the part, her personality doesn’t seem to mesh with the accusations against her.

Photo via ABC

We’re not saying for certain that she’s innocent — after all, we’ve seen very little of Victoria thus far.

But we are saying it’s hard to imagine the self-deprecating and slightly nerdy Victoria we’ve seen so far setting out to destroy people’s lives with her feminine wiles.

That said, Peter gets this damaging information at a very vulnerable time.

When he learns about Victoria’s past, he’s down to his final three, which means he’s probably very open to any intel that might help to make his decision easier.

Hannah Ann S. Photo
Photo via ABC

And so, Victoria probably doesn’t make it to Peter’s top two.

Instead, the most likely scenario seems to be Hannah and Madison are left going head-to-head for Peter’s final rose.

At this point, it’s tough to predict who might come out of that situation on top, but we will say that those flash-forwards show Peter’s mom begging him to "bring her home to us," and she has already met Madison.

We’re not advising you to bet the farm on Ms. Prewett, but she seems to be the safest bet at this point — especially since Hannah is coming off a bit cutthroat at this point, and that might not jibe with nice-guy Peter’s style.