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Hannah Brown’s appearance on Peter’s season of The Bachelor has been so controversial that some dude wrote a song about it.

But for Peter, her presence in his life left an indelible mark. In fact, he’s calling her the greatest hearbreak of his entire life.

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber Backstage
Photo via ABC

Just a few days ago, Peter Weber opened up to Entertainment Tonight at ABC’s Television Critics Association winter press tour.

"Hannah Brown was my biggest heartbreak," Peter revealed.

What’s more is that it sounds like his Hannah-related sadness has even eclipsed the rest of his season to some extent.

Peter teased that "[What happens at the end of the season is not] bigger than that."

Peter Weber Returns
Photo via ABC

"You guys will see it," Peter assured.

But he went on to affirm that "that last week was the hardest week of my life."

So Hannah Brown isn’t the only source of emotional turmoil, at least.

And we’re betting that the shocking twist that Chris Harrison teased will play a role in Peter’s struggle.

Peter with Hannah
Photo via ABC

Peter went on to confess that he does "have a very big heartbreak." 

That said, he curiously admitted: "I don’t know [if you’ll see it] in the finale."

This is yet another piece of the curious puzzle as to what sets Season 24 so far apart from other seasons.

"But at some point," Peter vowed, "you’ll see it."

Hannah Brown on The Bachelor
Photo via ABC

Hannah’s presence on Peter’s season has been deeply polarizing among the viewers.

Some, many of whom stopped liking her precisely because she had slept with Peter on her own season, have been frothing with rage at her presence.

Others simply feel that she "overstepped" by showing up.

In real life, of course, she is there because producers wanted her there for the drama of it all, not because she somehow pushed for it.

Hannah Sticks Around
Photo via ABC

"What you saw there was feelings just kind of resurfacing and it was real," Peter says of his reunion with Hannah.

He continues: "And I was, I felt obviously horrible doing that to the women that were there on the date just out of respect for them." 

He clarified: "But I had to be true to myself and I was and everything I said, I meant."

Producers brought Hannah on and told him to chat with her, but they didn’t feed either of them a script — they just let all of those emotions play out.

Brown is Back!
Photo via ABC

Peter is absolutely right that it’s kind of hurtful to his actual contestants to make him dance through the charade with Hannah Brown.

But that’s not his choice or hers. They’re on a reality show, not some sort of Olympic event. Fairness doesn’t factor into it.

Meanwhile, Hannah is facing the blunt of viewers’ fury as if she had become an interloper of her own accord.

Hopefully, soon, Peter can focus entirely upon his contestants, even though we all know that his emotions are raw from having just seen Hannah.

If you’ve been following The Bachelor Spoilers, you know that this season is a bit of an odd duck.

It stands out when compared with other seasons, though unfortunately not by having the show’s first black Bachelor.

(Even if Season 25 has a black Bachelor, it will have taken the show a full quarter of a century to get there, which is … monstrous)

Peter’s season has some major weirdness at the end. Perhaps it will be enough to make viewers forget all about how much some of them hate Hannah B.