Rihanna and Hassan Jameel: It's OVER!

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Well, it's a sad day for two folks who probably don't experience many sad days.

But since most people would love to date a billionaire, and literally everyone would love to date Rihanna, for millions of singles all over the world, the dating pool just improved considerably.

Rihanna and Hassan

That was our very roundabout way of informing you that Rihanna and Hassan Jameel have broken up after three years of dating.

The news is surprising, and not only because there were no rumors of drama or tension within the couple.

In fact, last we checked in on them, insiders were saying Rihanna and Hassan would soon be engaged.

Some even went so far as to claim Rihanna wants a baby soon and that one of the reasons she was so drawn to Jameel was that she considered him to be ideal father material.

Rihanna Dazzles on Instagram

RiRi has been intensely private throughout her career, so she didn't talk about Jameel frequently.

But when she did, it was always in glowing terms.

“Yeah, I’m dating,” she told Vogue in October.

“I’m actually in an exclusive relationship for quite some time, and it’s going really well, so I’m happy.”

Rihanna in Pink

Yes, just a few months ago, Rih was gushing about her relationship.

Even more recently, insiders claimed they were expecting an engagement announcement any day.

“I know for a fact that she would love to be a mom,” a source told Life & Style in December.

“She can’t wait to have kids. In fact, she wants a daughter first,” the insider added.

Rihanna Chills

“Maybe 2020 will be her year, but her boyfriend, Hassan, definitely wants to be married first.”

“All her friends think Hassan will pop the question on New Year’s Eve,” a different source told the outlet.

“Rihanna is so chill that she’s not sweating it, she jokes that she may say no. Of course, she won’t, but she loves messing with him.”

Maybe he took that joke too seriously and got cold feet!

Rihanna at 2018 Grammys

“Rihanna is hoping for a holiday proposal from Hassan,” the insider added.

“She’d love nothing more than to ring in 2020 with a huge rock on her finger. But she’s not pushing it — she wants to be surprised, and she doesn’t want Hassan to think that she’s pressuring him.”

Obviously, that didn't happen, but we're sure she'll be just fine.

Honestly, we're a lot more worried about Hassan.

Billionaires might not be easy to come by, but there's only one Rihanna.

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