Rihanna and Hassan Jameel's Relationship Isn't as New as You Thought!

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Rihanna absolutely deserves happiness, and she's clearly getting it.

We saw Rihanna making out with the unnecessarily handsome Hassan Jameel in those famous hot tub pics just last month.

And now we know even more about this gorgeous couple's new relationship -- including that it's not as new as the world assumed.

Rihanna Blows Kisses

Apparently, Rihanna and Hassan Jameel have been hooking up for months, according to Us Weekly.

That goes back way before they were photographed necking in Ibiza.

The two of them were then photographed again -- wearing more clothes than they had been in the relative privacy of Rihanna's villa -- out getting coffee.

Hassan Jameel, as you might recall, is a Saudi businessman.

He's deputy president and vice chairman of a family-owned company that owns the rights to sell Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia.

Hassan may have a number of qualifiers in his position like "deputy" and "vice," but he's become something of the face of his family's company.

Probably not only because he's handsome, but let's not rule that out as a factor.

He's traveled the world to represent his family's business interests, and that's included meeting British royalty.

While we don't know Hassan Jameel's personal net worth, his family's said to be worth about $1.5 billion.

That's nothing to scoff at, even if you're an intensely successful singer who's worth hundreds of millions yourself.

Rihanna on Instagram

But we suspect that it isn't Jameel's money that drew Rihanna's interest.

And while the fact that Hassan is really, really, ridiculously good-looking can't have hurt, we know that Rihanna could have any guy on the planet, so there's more to this.

But Rihanna's past comments paint a pretty clear picture of what she wants in a man.

We already knew, of course, that Rihanna doesn't like casual sex.

(To each their own)

But our girl RiRi has some definite opinions about the qualities that she's seeking in a man.

And, for reasons that we can't explain, Rihanna describes her ideal lover in terms of personality rather than physical traits.

"I’m turned on by guys who are cultured."

That goes beyond a guy she can take to the J. Paul Getty art museum, folks.

Rihanna in Cannes

"They don’t have to have a single degree, but they should speak other languages or know things about other parts of the world or history or certain artists or musicians."

That's a wide array.

Note that she's not requiring that every guy who wants to date her be a polymath of some sort.

They just need to know something interesting. A skill or knowledge or experience.

And while we're sure that Rihanna would prefer guys with multiple talents to one-trick ponies, she's not demanding that potential suitors have every skill or piece of knowledge.

Rihanna understands that education never ends.

"I like to be taught."

And no, that does not mean that Rihanna likes mansplaining.

Basically, Rihanna likes a man whose mind is rich with thoughts, knowledge, and experiences.

Hey, more cute-and-dumb types for everyone who prefers those, right?

(Who would want to have to compete with Rihanna anyway?)

Rihanna Sits at Grammys

We're so, so glad that she's having a good time.

Rihanna brings joy to the world, whether it's through incredible music or through captivating music videos about killing men.

We're not claiming that Hassan Jameel is going to be Rihanna's happily ever after or that she'll be his, of course.

We don't know if they're dating-dating (hookups can go on for years without ever turning into dating) or if things will get even more serious than that.

They don't know what the future will hold and neither do we.

But happiness doesn't have to be permanent to have meaning.

Now that the world knows about it, the rest of us get to vicariously enjoy their relationship as long as it lasts.

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