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Little Lyssa Chapman has accused her dad’s new girlfriend of trying to replace Beth, only to have Duane publicly defend the woman.

Now, the gloves are off. Lyssa is slamming her own dad, now, calling the famous reality star a "bastard" and accusing him of blackmail.

Duane Chapman and Beth C.

In June of 2019, beloved Dog’s Most Wanted star Beth Chapman passed away after a protracted battle with throat cancer.

She was survived by her husband, Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman, who has not been shy about how much her death impacted him.

Duane has been suffering, emotionally and even physically, in the wake of her death.

Recently, however, he has found companionship, of a sort.

Duane Chapman and Moon Angell

Lyssa Chapman accuses a woman named Moon Angell of weaseling her way into the Chapman family, first through her brother.

Now, she says, this woman is replacing Beth or trying her best to do so, even filling Beth’s old closet with her own belongings.

"I know Almighty God hears my broken heart and I didn’t ask him for another Mrs. Chapman," Duane posted in response to Lyssa’s tweets.

He continued: "but I asked him for a friend and He gave me Moon." In other words, he is not confirming that he and Moon are in a relationship.

Little Lyssa Chapman

It appears that Duane’s denials, plus whatever is going on behind the scenes, has not sat well with Lyssa.

This time, her furious (and now-deleted) tweets are taking aim, not at Moon, but at her own father.

"Realizing everything, and the one person in believed in more than anyone was a fake,” she accused.

Lyssa wrote: “I hope you have a bunch of barking snakes."

Photo via FOX

In addition to imagining Dog producing animal hybrid offspring with this alleged "snake," she added the hashtag: "#FalseProfit."

"Now I realize, you’re just a bastard," Lyssa followed up.

She accused: "I’ve been fighting an evil when in reality it’s all you."

"It’s always been you," Lyssa admonished. "YOU are the common denominator."

Duane Chapman With Beth's Box of Ashes
(Entertainment Tonight)

"Take your best shot," Lyssa challenged her father. "Tell the world about my suicide attempts."

"Tell the world all my problems you try to blackmail me," she accused. "I’ll tell the world myself."

That is an extremely serious accusation.

"All my problems, my flaws. I own them all ?! HOW ABOUT YOU ?!!" Lyssa asked.

Beth Chapman and Duane Chapman for Dog's Most Wanted

"Speaking to my dad last night he threatened to tell the world about my suicide attempts," Lyssa wrote.

She explained: "So I feel I have to tell the truth myself, before him as his GF can come out against me."

"Everything I’ve done I admit to. I’m NOT perfect," Lyssa accused. "I have a history, I have CPTSD, I have relationship problems."

"I’ve messed up and will continue to. But I’ll never be blackmailed," she affirmed.

Photo via WGN

"I’d admit to everything," Lyssa added. "Because I to learn from my mistakes."

"I Know Everything You Got To Say About Me," she concluded that tweet in hashtag form.

She also offeref further detail, mentioning that one of the suicide attempts was "this year."

It is unclear if she means in the past year, or literally in the first weeks of 2020. Either way, we hope that she is well.

Photo via Instagram

"Being threatened will never silence me," Lyssa affirmed.

"I’ve been thinking how I would deal with this news coming out, how would I hide and lie?" she shared.

"Then I decided to take it into my own hands," Lyssa explained.

She reiterated: "I will never be blackmailed because I’ll admit to my mistakes [and] flaws."

Lyssa concluded her furious tweets by calling out her dad, tweeting: "Come @ me bro @DogBountyHunter."