Jessa Duggar Defies Parents, Pays Surprise Visit to Jinger

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In case you haven't heard, there's a civil war going on within the Duggar clan these days.

The Derick-Jim Bob feud is intensifying by the day, and that's just one of many internal divisions tearing apart TV's most famous fundie family.

Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar, and Felicity Vuolo Attend a Wedding

As you may recall, Jinger Duggar moved to LA back in April, and the decision did not sit well with her parents.

In fact, there are rumors that Jim Bob and Michelle disowned Jinger as a result of her relocation.

That may sound absurd, but you can bet that Jinger's parents know next to nothing about the city of Los Angeles, and what little they do know scares the hell out of them.

At the behest of their kids, Jim Bob and Michelle finally visited LA in October, bringing most of the Duggar clan with them.

Jinger v Michelle

(Jill was left out of the arrangement, because ... well, she's still married to Derick, and Derick is still on Jim Bob's sh-t list.)

Michelle posed for a pic and shot a Counting On segment with Jinger, but according to insiders, she and Jim Bob were noticeably uncomfortable, and they made the trip mostly to keep up appearances.

Derick and Jill are still the black sheep of the family, but Jinger and Jeremy aren't far behind them.

Which is why so many fans were surprised that Jessa Duggar risked losing her parents' approval by returning to LA to spend more time with Jinger.

Jessa Duggar Holds Son

"Look who decided to surprise us with a visit during the holiday season!" Jinger captioned the photo.

Yes, Jessa decided to kick off 2020 by getting her Jinger on.

The majority of the Duggars who are on social media liked the photo, but Jim Bob and Michelle's joint account conspicuously abstained.

We're not saying for certain that that means they disapproved of the trip.

Ginger Duggar

But these days, tensions are running high in the Duggar clan, and fans are constantly on the lookout for signs of strife.

Maybe Jim Bob is totally fine with Jessa visiting her West Coast sibling.

Or maybe he's in "with me or against me" mode, and he's asking his kids to pick sides.

Either way, this should be a very interesting year for the Duggars!

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