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90 Day Fiance fans who’ve kept up with our spoilers know Robert and Anny’s fate as a couple, but are worried for castmates Tania and Syngin.

lot of viewers think that Tania is a terrible person and no good for Syngin. And Tania’s own sister agrees.

Tania and Syngin for 90 Day Fiance Season 7

90 Day Fiance viewers have already seen Tania Maduro’s sister, Tiana Christian.

(Yes, clearly their mom had fun with their names)

Tiana was there when Tania announced to everyone that she was leaving to go learn about herbalism in Costa Rica.

Like everyone else, Tiana thought that it was absolutely 100% bonkers for Tania to leave her fiance for 30 of his 90 days.

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Tiana revealed on screen that she did not think that Tania and Syngin were going to last as a couple.

And only part of that was because Tiana hated Tania’s plan to just ghost Syngin for a little while ahead of their wedding.

A lot of viewers already see Tania (and her mother) as bossy and controlling. No one likes seeing Syngin put to work.

It turns out that Tiana shares their views, and has a lot more to say about her sister.

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Soap Dirt’s eagle-eyed investigators got their hands on some screenshots of what Tiana had to say about her sister, Tania.

"She’s just a raging a–hole," Tiana declared at one point with a series of emojis.

Clearly, the sisters have issues with one another.

But this is more than just a sibling rivalry. Tiana feels like Tania is manipulative and tries to walk all over everyone.

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"I do respect her … as family," Tiana tells fans. "But she’s mean."

I only made the post because so many people have asked me if she is really like this in real life or not," she explains.

Tiana adds: "And I don’t want that around the family I created."

That’s harsh — but honest. And there’s more.

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"She told mom and me that she was moving back to CT to help with the baby, just be an aunty, etc," Tiana reveals.

She then accuses: "She moved into my and my husband’s home unannounced without discussing it with me first."

"Mom and I thought she would get another apartment but she forced herself into my house, relinquishing her apartment," Tiana explains.

She notes that Tania did this "so she [would be] homeless if I said no to her. … Then she went to mom’s."

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Tiana is careful to note that all of this went down before 90 Day Fiance began filming, so she is free to discuss it.

She also shares that she has been in contact with Tania.

In fact, Tania yelled at her for answering fan questions online — as if Tania herself did not also have a social media presence.

To be fair, Tiana isn’t exactly painting Tania in a very flattering light. "Raging a–hole" is not a traditional compliment.

But to be equally fair, Tania is already showing herself in a negative light on Season 7, so what did she expect from her sister?