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Peter Weber has already admitted that Hannah Brown is is biggest heartbreak. But is she also his fiancee?

That’s been rumored for a while, uncomfirmed by The Bachelor Spoilers. And after Hannah dropped a major hint, things are looking a lot clearer.

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber Backstage

Just a little earlier this week, Hannah Brown took to Instagram Live to answer some fan questions.

One fan asked a pretty obvious question — they wanted to know her current relationship status.

"Am I dating anyone? Nope," Hannah answered.

Of course, that doesn’t tell us everything, but it sounds like Hannah and Peter aren’t dating.

Peter Weber Returns

Now another huge rumor floating around this season is that the shocking twist at the end of the season is that Peter knocked up somebody.

Is there any chance that Hannah might be pregnant?

"No, there’s no way," Hannah shared. "There’s no way I’m pregnant."

She added that she had recently had a doctor’s appointment and is on birth control.

Brown is Back!

So it sounds like when Peter emotionally confessed to Hannah "I can’t do this," he really meant it.

Hannah isn’t dating Peter — if you believe her.

She also isn’t pregnant by him or anyone else, also if you believe her.

Personally? We believe her. If she were under contract to keep either thing secret, she would have been more evasive or not gone on Live at all.

Hannah Sticks Around

Of course, just because she and Peter don’t seem to be endgame doesn’t mean that fans and viewers won’t see her again.

For example, a lot of returning stars end up on Bachelor in Paradise.

However, when Hannah was asked if she’ll be appearing on that she, she replied "no."

Wow! It’s a little unusual to get confirmation on who’s not showing in Paradise that early.

Peter Weber Promo Pic

Hannah was brought onto Peter’s season, not by her request or by Peter’s, but because the producers wanted her there.

Why? Because they wanted to see some drama play out given that these two had a lot of sexual chemistry and a lot of lingering emotions.

But it was more than that — producers had figured out that Hannah is a deeply polarizing figure.

Some fans, usually for inexcusable sex-shaming reasons, seem to actively despise Hannah and they freak out whenever they see her on screen.

Photo via Warner Bros

Meanwhile, Peter’s horniness has been teased extensively in the trailers for this season, but nobody has particularly strong opinions about him.

People like Peter just fine, but he doesn’t have the legions of haters or the fanatical fans who get bent out of shape like Hannah does.

Many believe that he has this gig because of Hannah — because, very specifically, of that galvanizing "windmill" line.

So, in their own way, Peter and Hannah are still linked, because you can’t tell the story of Peter becoming the Bachelor without mentioning Hannah.

Peter Weber is The Bachelor

This season is an odd one because, usually, fans have a much clearer idea of how the season ends.

Some fans think that Peter ends up alone. Others are convinced that he knocked up somebody without knowing it and then sent them home.

Others think that it must be something else.

Only time (and spoilers) will tell.