Peter Weber: Did He Really IMPREGNATE a Bachelor Contestant?!

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Sure as The Bachelor spoilers leak before the season even begins, Chris Harrison promises multiple times a year that audiences are soon to witness "the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history."

Usually, he's just doing what reality hosts do. 

Peter Weber, Concerned

Building anticipation for a final rose ceremony that will inevitably look more or less like all the ones that came before it?

That's kind of his job. And he's the best at it.

But if there's any truth behind the latest Bachelor rumors about Peter Weber and his wandering, um, peter, well ...

We might really be in for a shocking Bachelor first.

My Future Wife?

As we reported earlier, the latest promos for the show seem to indicate that Peter had sex with one of the contestants.

As in before the fantasy suite portion of the season.

(And no, we're not talking about the fact that he obviously banged Kelley after his 10-year high school reunion.)

Hannah Ann Sluss on The Bachelor

Setting aside Colton's virginal season, sex is an expected part of The Bachelor, but it's customary to wait a little bit.

You know, until you're down to your final three, or you're in a foreign country. There are typically some boundaries.

(When you think about, it's not all that much weirder than a lot of our traditional courtship practices. Usually.)

Peter Weber and His Ladies

So we guess it's not all that surprising that some of the other ladies in the house became upset upon learning that Pilot Pete had taken a tour of someone else's cockpit. If you know what we mean!

We mean sex. In case you were wondering.

(Yes, it's extremely weird to be angry that the guy you're "dating" had sex with someone else a couple weeks earlier than you would have liked, but fundamentally, this is an extremely weird show.)

Pete Pregnant 1

However, some viewers think the reaction isn't due to Peter's promiscuity, but a reaction to what resulted from his night of passion.

Yes, as you can see, a lot of people are convinced that Peter gets one of the contestants pregnant this season.

It's quite a leap, but to be fair, it would explain much of what we've seen in this season's previews.

For starters, you have Peter's mom weeping hysterically while saying things like "don't let her go" and "bring her home to us."

Now, this is the same mom who pridefully wanted to hear every detail about Peter and Hannah's windmill sex, so ...

It's safe to say the Webers are a bit of a weird family. Again, nothing about this makes sense in the real world.

Peter Pregnant 3

But sobbing over the possibility that your son might pick the wrong partner on a reality series he's been on already?

That's more than a little dramatic right?

On top of that, you have the comments that Harrison has made about some shocking developments this season.

Pete Pregnant 2

The host said in one interview.

"Peter and I, going through this together, had no idea this was happening and how this was going to all come to an end."

"It's riveting, and it really is breathtaking and it'll break your heart," he added. "You can't see this coming for a mile."

Hmm ...

Bachelor at Work

Many believe "this was happening" suggests there was something (i.e., a fetus) developing for weeks before the bombshell dropped.

Earlier Bachelor spoilers have indicated that Peter receives some sort of shocking information just before the final rose ceremony.

That could be anything.

Still, if we had to make a prediction, we would guess that it's more along the lines of the twists we've seen in previous seasons.

As much as some fans seem to be hoping for it, or at least thinking it's gonna happen, we doubt Peter will become The Dadchelor.

Sorry. That was bad.

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