Queen Elizabeth II: Experiencing Health Problems in Wake of Harry & Meghan's Departure?

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On Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II was not in attendance at an annual hosted by the Women’s Institute in Norfolk, England.

It was the first time in her 66-year reign that she was unable to make an appearance.

The Queen Remembers

In fact, she's been visiting the institue annually since 1943, nine years before her coronation.

According to Radar Online, the Queen bowed out of the event just 30 minutes before her scheduled appearance.

Palace officials were quick to dismiss the last-second cancelation insisting that the monarch “has a slight cold" and simply "was not feeling up to it.”

Perhaps anticipating the flurry of speculation likely to accompany such an abrupt cancelation, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson assured the press and the British people that there's “no cause for alarm.”

Queen at the Wedding

The Queen usually delivers a short speech at the Women's Institute, but today, she was replaced by BBC newsreader Huw Edwards.

We certainly hope that the her ailments are as minor as the palace claims, and we wish her a full and speedy recovery.

In all likelihood, she'll be back on her feet and ready to put in a makeup appearance at the Women's Institute in the week's to come.

(The Queen spends much of her winter at Sandringham House, just a few miles from the facility.)

Queen Elizabeth in Action

Given her advanced age, it's not surprising that every time the Queen misses an appearance, the British tabloid press assumes the worst.

And this time, you can bet that dire predictions about her health will be accompanied by speculation about ways in which her condition might be linked to recent events within the royal family.

As you're probably aware, it's been a tumultuous few months for the Royals.

First, the public was reminded of Prince Andrew's connection to Jeffrey Epstein via a disastrous interview in which Elizabeth's son attempted to clear his name.

Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth Too

Shortly thereafter, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their roles as senior members of the royal family.

Publicly, the Queen has been supportive of the couple, but those who know her best say she's heartbroken by the decision.

It's inevitable that Elizabeth's current health woes will be linked to stress from these recent events -- but that's quite a leap.

In all likelihood, she's a woman of advanced age who was forced to take a day off.

Here's hoping she'll be proving the haters wrong by the end of the week.

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