Cheyenne Floyd: Daughter Hospitalized For Frightening Health Issue

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Cheyenne Floyd may be a newcomer to the world of Teen Mom OG, but many fans already feel as though they've known her young family for years.

Floyd is no longer in a relationship with Cory Wharton, the father of her 2-year-old daughter, Ryder.

But both Cheyenne and Cory are fully committed to their child's health and happiness, and they've presented a united front in their efforts to help Ryder combat a rare genetic condition known as VLCAD.

Earlier this week, Cheyenne shared an upsetting update with fans, and she's been keeping her followers up to speed on Ryder's condition ever since.

Take a look:

1. Ryder Strong

Ryder Strong
Cheyenne Floyd recently updated fans on her daughter's latest health crisis. Sadly, 2-year-old Ryder has struggled with a rare genetic condition throughout her life.

2. An Open Book

An Open Book
From the beginning of her time in the spotlight, Cheyenne has been open about the health issues endured by her daughter.

3. A Not-So-Fun Thing She'll Never Do Again

A Not-So-Fun Thing She'll Never Do Again
Last week, Floyd revealed that Ryder had "took her first & hopefully last ride in an ambulance."

4. Ryder Heads Home

Cheyenne shared this video of Ryder over the weekend. The mother or one eagerly informed fans that her little girl was excited to be headed home.

5. An Important Shout-Out

An Important Shout-Out
"First off thank you to everyone who has reached out and called on God for prayers," Cheyenne captioned the video. "This is us right after we found out Ryder could get released & we were so happy as always I am so open with Ryder’s health journey because I want to bring awareness to what families with VLCAD face."

6. A Scary Moment

A Scary Moment
"When her fever first came on we stayed home to try to get it to come down, after she couldn’t hold her food down she enters a 'fasting' period and she cannot fast or she could have a metabolic crisis," she continued.

7. Snap Decision

Snap Decision
"I took her to the ER and they put her on an IV to get her fluids," Floyd wrote. "I didn’t know some ERs do not have pediatrics and if you need to be admitted to the proper hospital you have to go by ambulance."

8. Their Next Journey

Their Next Journey
"That was our next journey," Cheyenne went on. "Ry took her first and hopefully last ride in an ambulance. We spent the night in her regular hospital..her temps kept jumping around and she was placed on a liquid diet. I prayed that we would wake up and she would be better."

9. An Awful Feeling

An Awful Feeling
"It’s the worst feeling in the world to have a sick child and to put them in more pain with all the hospital test," she continued. "She woke up and still had a fever but she was eating and holding her food down so that was a good sign."

10. After the Fever

After the Fever
"Soon after her fever broke, she was able to be taken off the IV, and she looked better," she added. "The doctors believe she has a virus and we will be able to keep her in the house to let it run it’s course as long as she’s eating."

11. Better Safe Than Sorry

Better Safe Than Sorry
"People constantly ask me why do we take Ryder to the hospital for a common fever, and the answer is for her it’s not a common fever it can turn into something much worse because she is a VLCAD carrier so we will always be extremely cautious," Floyd wrote.

12. Counting Her Blessings

Counting Her Blessings
"I’m so happy we are home and she’s able to cuddle up in her own environment to fight off this virus. We are so blessed that her VLCAD is mild and this has only been our second hospitalization," Cheyenne added. "Thank you again to everyone who sent in messages, text, dms, & calls. I will always continue to share our health journey."

13. Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward
"Follow @rageregardlessry_ for more information about metabolic conditions & ways to help families that aren’t always as lucky," the reality star concluded.

14. A Steady Flow of Information

A Steady Flow of Information
Cheyenne updated fans on her Instagram page through the entirety of Ryder's latest health crisis.

15. Providing a Service

Providing a Service
Many moms of children who struggle with metabolic conditions reached out to express their gratitude.

16. One Big Question

One Big Question
Of course, many fans were curious about why Ryder only had one parent with her at the hospital, and they questioned Cheyenne on the whereabouts of Cory.

17. Co-Parenting At Its Finest

Co-Parenting At Its Finest
Cheyenne quelled the drama by stating that there's no ill will between her and Cory.

18. Looking Out For Him

Looking Out For Him
It seems Cory was working on an unspecified professional project, and Cheyenne did not want to upset him during filming.

19. An Executive Decision

An Executive Decision
She assured fans that such hospital visits are a sadly common occurrence, and in this case, she made the decision not to alert Cory unless the situation developed into an emergency.

20. A Lot On His Plate

A Lot On His Plate
Cory is a busy man these days, as he's currently expecting his second child by girlfriend Taylor Selfridge.

21. Making It Work

Making It Work
It has the makings for a tense situation with Cheyenne, but all three MTV personalities have assured fans that they get along famously.

22. What Really Matters

What Really Matters
And most importantly, all three are dedicated to the health and happiness of little Ryder.

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