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Well, it’s official — Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have stepped down as senior members of the royal family.

Like it’s namesake, Brexit, Megxit may take a long time to reach its completion, but the process has begun in earnest, with the Sussexes putting down roots in Canada this week.

In Sydney
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Recent photos of Meghan show the Duchess looking ecstatic with her new home.

And it seems she’s not the only who’s happy that she’s put an entire ocean between herself and Buckingham Palace.

According to a new report from Radar Online, Prince William and Kate Middleton are breathing a sigh of relief this week.

It seems the Cambridges are not only pleased that the worst of the Megxit debacle is behind them, they’re also happy that they’ll no longer be forced to interact with the Sussexes on a regular basis.

A Fab Four
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“They are so happy Meghan has left,” an inside tells the outlet.

“They do not like Meghan,” the source adds.

“They are celebrating for sure.”

Now, that last part seems like a bit of an overstatement.

Royally Great
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Have the Cambridges had issues with Meghan? Will their lives probably somewhat easier/less competitive with her out of the picture?

Certainly. But do they really flat-out dislike her as a person?

Well, according to the source, the feud between Kate and Meghan will never really be over.

The two have never quite gotten along, and the insider claims that the nail in the coffin was a remark Meghan made shortly after the birth of baby Archie.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Smirk Together
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It seems Kate and Will stopped by to see the little tyke for the first time, and the visit did not go as planned.

“Kate and William spent time with the new baby and Harry and Meghan,” the insider recounts.

“As they were leaving but before they were out of earshot, Meghan said, ‘I don’t want any advice from HER,’" apparently referring to Meghan.

Yeah, we suppose that would just about do it.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Get Fancy
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Of course, this obviously pro-Cambridge source might be leaving out a number of important details with regard to why Meghan felt so salty toward Kate.

“It seems like Meghan just hated Kate and no matter what she did, tried to be nice, Meghan wasn’t going to be nice back," the insider adds.

It’s worth noting that this information might be slightly out of date.

Earlier this week, Harry was back in the UK for informal "peace talks" with his family at Sandringham House.

Royal Newlyweds Together
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The summit went well, and insiders say William and Harry ended their feud after two years of bickering.

So is the source behind the times and doesn’t realize the two couples have buried the hatchet? Maybe.

Of course, it’s worth noting that Meghan was not on hand for the peace talks.

So it’s possible that the bad blood between Meg and Kate is still flowing — and it sounds like the duchesses have zero interest in making nice.