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Last week, we reported on the news that Jinger Duggar dyed her hair blonde.

Obviously, we’re using a very loose definition of the word "news" here, but it was actually a pretty noteworthy development, as it appears that Jinger is the first Duggar woman of her generation to color her hair.

Jinger Duggar Blonde Hair

Jinger is a trailblazer and this certainly isn’t her first first.

After all, before she tossed the dress code out the window, it was unheard of for Duggar women to wear pants.

Not content to simply ditch the floor-length denim, Jinger continued to forge new ground.

She was the first Duggar woman to wear shorts, the first to move away from Arkansas, and the first to change her hair color:

Jinger Duggar Is Blonde

“Decided to go with the blonde balayage this summer,” Jinger captioned the above photo.

Seems innocent enough, right?

It’s a dramatic difference, but it suits Jinger’s skin tone, and judging by her facial expression in the pics, it seems she agrees with the many commenters who believe it’s a change for the better.

But the Duggars are dyed-in-the-wool (pun fully intended) evangelicals, and many of their fundie followers disapprove of change in general and everything that Jinger does in particular.

Jinger With Michelle

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, the Church Lady types came out in full force to inform Jinger that only harlots and Satanists color their hair:

“Be careful sweety not to follow the temptations of the World!” wrote one such extremist.

“God made you a brunette for a reason!” echoed another.

“What’s wrong with your God-given color? What’s next?” a third zealot asked.

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo, and Baby Felicity at a Cubs Game

Fortunately, the support for Jinger far outweighed the criticism.

And no one was louder than the ladies of the Duggar clan, who have vocally expressed their fondness for Jinger’s new hue: 

“Looks lovely, Jinge!” Jessa Duggar commented.

“You are gorgeous!” Anna Duggar echoed.

Jinger and Jeremy and Daughter

At the end of the day, we’re sure Jinger doesn’t really concern herself with what the haters have to say.

She’s been doing her own thing for years, and it seems she’ll continue dancing to the beat of a different drummer.

Sure, her pursuit of happiness has occasionally drawn the ire of her ultra-conservative parents from time to time.

At one point, there were even rumors that Jim Bob and Michelle had disowned Jinger.

But whatever the case, she frequently comes off as the most content of all the Duggars — and no matter what changes she makes to her hair color, we’re guessing Jinger’s positive attitude will remain constant.