Jade Cline's Mother Storms Off Stage at Teen Mom 2 Reunion: Dr. Drew Attacked Me!

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When Jade Cline was cast on Teen Mom 2, fans wondered if she would be up to the task at hand.

After all, Jade was brought in as a replacement for Jenelle Evans, inarguably the biggest pot-stirring drama magnet in the show's history.

Jade Cline on the Gram

When Jenelle got fired by MTV (after an episode in which her husband shot and killed her dog, no less), many predicted that it would be the end of Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle was never well-liked, but without her, the show is just a bunch of nearly-thirty rich moms and their lavish vacations.

But Jade defied expectations by delivering the drama in a big way.

And she did so with the help of her extremely dysfunctional family.

Jade Cline and Mom

Earlier this year, Jade's mother, Christy, was arrested for possession of methamphetamines.

The aftermath of the arrest was captured by Teen Mom 2 cameras, and naturally, Dr. Drew Pinksky broached the topic when Christy and her mother, Lori, joined Jade on stage Tuesday night for part two of the show's seemingly never-ending reunion special.

Asked how it felt seeing her family drama play out on screen, Christy was quick to snap at Pinksy:

"We live it, we don't watch it for an hour and then it's done," Christy said, adding that the person she was during the season is "not the person I am now." 

Jade's Mom 1

Lori confirmed that her daughter has been "doing wonderful" since the arrest.

From there, Pinsky inquired as to what sort of treatment Christy has been undergoing for her addiction issues -- and she replied that she's been doing jack squat.

"Just because you want to give me medication or say this is right for me, it doesn't necessarily mean that," she snapped.

"I use my family," Christy added.

Jade's Mom 3

Of course, that was exactly Drew's point, as you're not supposed to burden your family with the full brunt of your recovery, as there are professionals who are paid to help lighten that load.

But Christy was having none of Drew's concerns or advice.

"I don't want to be diagnosed on this stage," she sneered at one point.

"The hardest thing is just having to air it on TV," Christy ranted.

Jade's Mom 2

From there, she launched into the classic reality star's complaint:

"All my bad sh-t's on TV. Nobody airs nothing good. I'm a good grandma, I'm a good mom, I'm a good person. Just back off a little! You're pissing me the f--k off!" Chritsy raved.

"Get the f--k out of my face! They're not f--king happy unless we're miserable," she shouted at the show's production team.

"I feel attacked by Jade, I feel attacked by Dr. Drew. I'm her mother and I will knock her ass out. Get these f--king cameras away from me!"

Dr. Drew P.

Amazingly, Christy later returned to the stage and apologized to Dr. Drew.

"Let me be clear, I apologized that I triggered you," Pinsky said when she came back.

"It's okay, it's your job," Christy replied. "I would have asked the same questions. I respect you for what you're doing."

See? On her own, Jade is not capable of generating Jenelle-caliber drama -- aside from Jenelle, no one is.

But with the help of her bonkers family, she can work wonders.

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