Kim Kardashian: Ready to Divorce Kanye Over "Crazy" Behavior?

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It would be a massive understatement to say that Kim Kardashian has put up with a lot during her time with Kanye West.

Rumors that Kim is planning to divorce Kanye as a result of his latest antics seem to circulate about once a month -- but through all the insanity, she's remained by his side.

Hello There, Wife

Of course, that's not to say she doesn't have a breaking point.

In fact, there are times when it seems like Kanye is determined to figure out just where that breaking point is by continually stepping over the line.

And if a new report from Radar Online is to be believed, the rapper-turned-evangelist has finally pushed his long-suffering wife to the very limit of her patience.

“They have a really strange marriage and she is not happy,” a source tells the outlet.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for Versace

Apparently, what's driven Kim to the brink is not her husband's recent conversion from religious guy to really, really religious guy (though that probably doesn't help).

Instead, it's the fact that Kanye is off his meds again and failing to take the proper steps to maintain his mental health.

“She is stressed dealing with his mood swings and manic episodes,” says the insider.

“Kanye is going through a really tough time right now. It is really hard for Kim to deal with.” 

Kimye at the Cher Show

To outsiders, it may not appear that Kanye is going through a tough time.

In fact, these days, it often looks as though dude is flat-out ecstatic.

In the past few weeks, he's released a gospel-inspired album, joined Joel Osteen on stage to do some preachin', and covered himself in silver body paint in order to perform in an opera that he wrote, which apparently included a bunch of Christmas songs.

Okay, Kanye's version of happiness might not look like anyone else's, but the guy really seems like he's on cloud nine these days.

But apparently, Kim is concerned with more than just the possibility of inhaling toxic fumes from her husband's body paint.

She's been down this road before, and she knows the dizzying high is likely to be followed by a devastating low.

As a result, it seems Kim has decided that Kanye should be monitored on his upcoming tour.

Yes, the insider claims that Kim has hired a team of therapists to essentially spy on Kanye in a last-ditch effort to protect his reputation and save her marriage.

Boobs! And a Smile!

“He says he’s fine and doesn’t need help but Kim’s nervous so she’s making sure he’s under a watchful eye – or 5,” the source says.

“They’ll report to her and if there’s any warning signs she’ll essentially send them in," the informant adds.

“Kanye will be watched, even if he doesn’t know about it.”

That may sound extreme, but when your husband starts walking around looking like the damn Tin Man, pretty much any action you take to keep him from harming himself is fully justified.

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