Herb Wilkinson: Jenelle Evans Is an Ugly C--t Who Should Probably Just Die!

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Earlier today, we reported on some upsetting news:

It seems that Jenelle Evans has a new boyfriend.

Herb 10

Now, in most cases, that would be considered a positive development.

After all Jenelle has filed for divorce from David Eason, and she's now free to do whatever she pleases in the romance department.

But Jenelle also has a habit of picking the very worst dudes on the planet and embarking on romantic relationships with them despite many obvious red flags.

Her latest is some Boston-based rando named Herb Wilkinson.

Herb 11

Though he might have the name of a jazz trumpeter from the big band era, Herbert is just 23 years old.

He's a full five years younger than Jenelle, but hey -- maturity levels vary wildly from one person to the next, and it's possible that Herb has what it takes to step in and serve as a stepfather figure to three kids, as well as a stabilizing force in the life of a twice-divorced famously-psychotic pseudo-celeb.

Sadly, it's not Herb's age that has Jenelle fans (yes, those still exist) concerned about the possibility that she's stepping into another toxic situation.

Instead, it's the fact that Herb appears to be the kind of guy who enjoys using his social media accounts to heap abuse on women he's never met -- including Jenelle.

Herb Tweets

The anti-Jenelle community on Twitter is known as the Hatters, and they've been hard at work digging up the dirt on Herb ever since word of his involvement with Jenelle went public Monday night.

One of the more troubling tidbits they've discovered is the tirade screenshotted above, in which Herb goes off on Jenelle, calling her a "gross c--t" and a "useless human" who should've "be [sic] aborted."

The tweets are from 2017, and the handle matches the display name here, so this isn't a case of someone quickly setting up a fake account in order to frame Wilkinson.

Obviously, it's possible that there's more than one Herb Wilkinson on Twitter, but how many of them are in the habit of using the phrase "strikingly ugly" during their hateful tirades?

One Hatter dug up this video from Wilkinson's Instagram, in which he uses the same phrase while launching a stream of insults against actress Shelley Duvall.

Apparently, he became overwhelmed with rage while watching a 40-year-old movie. Seems like a stable dude.

It seems what happened here is Wilkinson was watching an episode of Teen Mom 2 when he became enraged by Jenelle's selfish and abusive behavior.

We've all been there.

Jenelle Evans on Her Birthday

But most of us didn't take to Twitter to unleash a stream of profane insults against Evans only to wind up dating her two years later.

For many, the behavior brings to mind that of Matt Baier, Amber Portwood's ex-fiance who also demonstrated an obsession with Teen Mom that predated their relationship by several years.

As documented in the slideshow at the bottom of this article, Wilkinson has been trying to hook up with a female celebrity for at least the last five years, with most of his failed romantic overtures being directed at Ariana Grande.

And that's just the beginning of the red flags surrounding this dude.

Herb Sucks

Like David before him, Herb is majorly homophobic and regularly uses the word "gay" as an insult.

On top of that, he was recently arrested on DUI charges.

Neither Herb nor Jenelle has yet confirmed that they're dating, but the rumors have been out for about 36 hours now, and neither party has denied the relationship.

So yeah, they're dating.

We're not saying that Wilkinson is David Eason 2.0, necessarily, but ... frankly, we can't think of a way to finish that sentence.

Dude is Dave all over again.

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