David Eason Responds to Texas Church Shooting: Everyone Should Be Armed!

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The United States has been struck by yet another gun tragedy.

And David Eason has a polarizing opinion on just what the country should do about it.

What a shock, right?

David Eason's New Shirt

First, the absolutely horrible news:

A gunman opened fire at a church in Texas on Sunday morning, murdering two people with a shotgun before a member of the church’s volunteer security team fatally shot him, local authorities have confirmed.

The parishioners -- who were also volunteer members of the church's security team -- are permitted to carry weapons into church due to a law passed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott in response to another deadly church shooting that took the lives of 26 people in 2017.

Such a law does not exist in many states around the nation.

David Eason on The Land

In this case, of course, it appeared to have paid off, as numerous lives were likely saved by the onlookers who opened fire and ended the massacre before it got even worse.

In other cases, it's easy to see how dozens of armed individuals in an enclosed space could cause a host of serious problems.

But Eason doesn't see it that way.

The gun and knife-loving former Teen Mom star shared a link to this news story on his Facebook feed and wrote a one-sentence message along with it that made his viewpoint well know:


"Imagine how much faster they would have taken him out if there was more people armed!!" wrote Eason as his solution to the epidemic of gun violence in America.

To anyone that has followed this controversial figure, such a stance should not come as a surprise.

David got estranged wife Jenelle Evans fired from Teen Mom after he admitted to shooting and killing his family's dog several months ago; he claimed at the time that the bulldog nipped at his two-year old daughter.

Eason has also wielded guns on an endless number of occasions, often as a threat to Jenelle and/or anyone that gets in his way.

David Eason on His Gram

The guy is unafraid to point his gun at people left and right and clearly thinks others ought to join him.

But not all of Eason's fans agree with his stance in this case.

"This is Texas, everyone is armed in Texas," wrote one user, continuing as follows:

"Literally walked in, started shooting, a guy got up shot at him he got shot then this amazing man took him out.

"Please sit down before you try and spout s— about Texas when you dont know s—. At the end of the day, dont mess with Texas. We dont play these bulls— games."

Eason and Goat

Another individual, however, was on Team Eason and Team Arm Yourself, leaving a comment that reads:

"That's what I'm talking about!

"First pretty sad people are going into churches shooting people but I thank God I have the right to carry and living in Florida where we have stand your ground law!

"God knows how many more ppl would have died or got shot before police responded thank God for the ones that carry responsible and they got this fool!"

David Eason Shoots Stuff

We're not about to wade into such a sensitive topic right now.

But we are gonna say the following:

Perhaps David Eason, given his violent history of killing innocent animals and beating up women, should not serve as a spokesperson for gun right. 

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