David Eason: Headed to Jail For Pulling Gun on Woman?! [UPDATED]

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Another day, another David Eason allegation that makes you wonder how in the hell this guy isn't sporting a county-orange jumpsuit somewhere.

As you probably already know, David loves guns.

In fact, he proudly wears a sidearm at all times, like he's a Wild West sheriff and not the unemployed husband of an MTV reality star.

Just last month, Eason was visited by the Secret Service after brandishing his weapons and threatening elected officials in a series of disturbing social media posts.

But if you thought he would learn his lesson from that brush with the law, you don't know Dave.

Today, Eason stands accused of pulling a gun on an elderly real estate agent who was trying to sell some property near his home -- and this may be the scandal that finally leads MTV to cut ties with his wife, Jenelle Evans.

Take a look:

1. Trigger Happy

Trigger Happy
Eason has admitted to being obsessed with his sizable arsenal, and fans have long feared that David's gun collection coupled with his infamous temper would eventually lead to some serious trouble.

2. Trouble With the Law

Trouble With the Law
David's obsession with firearms got him in trouble recently, when he showed off his guns on Instagram while railing against the politicians he blamed for the recent ban on bump stocks.

3. Unexpected Visit

The threatening tirade earned David a visit from the Secret Service, but he was let off with a warning.

4. The Latest

The Latest
Now, David stands accused of pulling a gun on an older woman, a real estate agent who was attempting to sell property near the home he shares with Jenelle Evans.

5. The Accusation

The Accusation
The allegation comes from a woman named Kelli Britt Faulk, who detailed the incident on Facebook.

6. Thought You Should Know

Thought You Should Know
Jenelle was quick to respond, and she appears to have already been made aware of the incident.

7. And Another Thing!

And Another Thing!
Jenelle then replied to her own comment despite the lack of a response from the accuser. Certainly seems as though the allegation is weighing heavily on her mind.

8. Only a Matter of Time

Only a Matter of Time
Of course, the latest allegation against David comes as no surprise to Teen Mom 2 fans.

9. Tragedy Awaits

Tragedy Awaits
Many have been predicting such an incident for years, and many more feel that even worse trouble lies ahead.

10. Your Move, MTV

Your Move, MTV
For well over a year now, viewers have been urging MTV to cut ties with the Easons entirely, and many feel the network will be complicit if a tragedy should take place.

11. A Nice Change of Pace

A Nice Change of Pace
Usually, David would be ranting and raving about the situation on social media -- but he's been uncharacteristically quiet this time.

12. But Why?

But Why?
Of course, there could be any number of reasons for this.

13. Learning His Lesson?

Learning His Lesson?
David's mouth and thirst for attention often get him in trouble on social media.

14. Dwindling Options

Dwindling Options
In fact, there aren't too many places where he's still permitted to freely speak his mind.

15. Instagram Jail

Instagram Jail
He was locked out of his Instagram account after the Secret Service incident, and while he's now allowed back on the site, he seems to have learned a valuable lesson about stirring up gun-related drama.

16. Booted By Zuck

Booted By Zuck
As for Facebook, David's account seems to have disappeared entirely.

17. This Effing Guy

This Effing Guy
This development seems tied to a recent post in which Eason stated that he would beat his children if they ever came out to him as transgender.

18. Shut Down

Shut Down
So either Eason couldn't handle the backlash, or he was removed from the site for spewing hate speech.

19. Hiding Behind Jenelle

Hiding Behind Jenelle
Whatever the case, it seems he's letting his wife handle this latest crisis.

20. Priorities

For her part, Jenelle suddenly seems eager to move on from the incident. She's now taken to promoting daughter Ensley's personal Instagram page.

21. Come Again?

Come Again?
It's anyone's guess as to why a 1-year-old needs her own IG account, especially since none of Jenelle's other kids have one. Of course, it may have something to do with the fact that those kids aren't David's.

22. Far From Over

Far From Over
We'll have further updates on the latest allegations against David as more information becomes available.

23. UPDATE: Accuser Comes Forward!

UPDATE: Accuser Comes Forward!
David's alleged victim has now been identified as 57-year-old grandmother Britt McHenry.

24. Getting the Law Involved

Getting the Law Involved
On Tuesday, McHenry filed a report against David with the Magistrate Court in Columbus County, North Carolina.

25. What a Guy

What a Guy
“I saw the gun,” McHenry told Radar Online. “It was a handgun and it was right on his side. He told me, ‘Yes I have a gun and I will shoot you.'”

26. Brave Britt

Brave Britt
“I’m good and I’m not scared of him,” she added. “I live 10 minutes from him.”

27. Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight
Despite David's claims to the contrary, McHenry insists that she “never pulled in his driveway.”

28. Putting It Mildly

Putting It Mildly
“He’s crazy,” she said. “I think he should have to pay. He has upset my little world and I don’t appreciate it. I just take care of the grandchildren and work."

29. Unrelenting

"But he won’t stop. He literally will not stop. I’m going to sue him for this character thing. It’s just not right," the alleged victim stated.

30. Menace to Society

Menace to Society
“[The police] said they wished that he would go away and go back to another county like Brunswick because he is a menace to society,” McHenry added.

31. Civil Action

Civil Action
And Britt says she's not stopping with criminal charges. “I’m going to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit for defamation,” she said. “He called me a child molester. I was driving a Cadillac station wagon. I’m not going to harm anyone.” We'll keep you updated on this developing story as more information becomes available.

32. UPDATE #2: David Responds

UPDATE #2: David Responds
David has now hired an attorney -- a good sign that he's taking this situation more seriously than his (many) previous legal entanglements.

33. The REAL Victim!

The REAL Victim!
David admits to confronting Britt, but claims that he had no choice, as she had been stalking his property and tampering with his mailbox.

34. A Likely Story

A Likely Story
A rep for David tells TMZ that the conversation was brief, and that when Britt told her she was a real estate agent, David simply informed her that there was no property for sale nearby. David insists he did not have a gun on him at the time.

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