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Cheyenne Floyd has some important words for her fans and followers.

And, just in general, for other mothers around the world as well.

cheyenne daughter2

The Teen Mom OG star has shared a new photo on her Instagram page, along with a lengthy caption, both of which center around a very unfortunate development:

Her daughter, Ryder is in the hospital.

We informed readers of this sad situation yesterday and you can read about the circumstances surrounding the two-year old’s hospitalization here:

Late Thursday, meanwhile, Floyd posted a picture of Ryder in bed — still under doctor’s supervision, it appears, but at least resting comfortably, all warm and cozy and snuggled under a Frozen blanket.

"Advice for All parents! Please sleep when your baby is sleep," wrote Floyd to begin her message, continuing as follows:

"We have to rest our bodies and mind too so we can keep our strength for them. I was always bad at listening to probably some of best sleep advice someone could give me.

"From the day I brought Ryder home from the hospital, I loved watching her sleep, observing the sounds she would make, memorizing the way she would hold her arms or how she would pout her lips."

Cheyenne goes on to talk about her child being diagnoed with VLCAD and how "I would have to force myself to sleep when she did but all I wanted to do was watch her."

Indeed, Ryder has a rare genetic condition, which renders the body unable to break down certain fats.

Floyd first opened up about it in October of 2018.

Cheyenne In the House
Photo via Instagram

"Her condition has taught me so much!" Floyd added in this latest update.

"Educationally and medically I’ve gotten a crash course, but it’s also taught me how to tap into my mom super powers.

"I’ve learned how to be an advocate for my child, how to care for her, and how to speak up for her when needed. It’s been 2.5 years and now three hospitalizations.

"Ryder is my heart and I would never change anything about her. I don’t think I’ll ever stop watching her sleep."

With Their Daughter
Photo via Instagram

Floyd gave birth to Ryder in 2017, not informing father Cory Wharton that he was the child’s biological father until Ryder was six months old.

The parents, who are not romantically involved, have since started a non-profit to raise awareness for VLCAD.

As for when Ryder will be released from the hospital?

It doesn’t sound like it will be any time in the near future at least.

Cheyenne With Cory
Photo via Instagram

"We will be here the next few days making sure she gets the proper fluids and doesn’t relapse again," cooncluded Floyd in her post, writing to supporters:

"We appreciate all the prayers and kind words. God is so good and we are always covered in blessings."

The reality star also shared a clip of her daughter on her Instagram story this week, posting a video of Ryder happily eating French fries and watching an iPad in the hospital.

"Happy girl," Floyd wrote.