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Believe it or not, this week marks 10 years since Teen Mom made its debut on MTV.

Some of our younger readers might not even remember that the show was a source of tremendous controversy at the time of its premiere.

Parents feared that Teen Mom might glamorize teenage pregnancy and have a generation of high school girls eager to get knocked up at a young age in the hope that doing so might make them famous.

That didn’t happen — at least not in any large numbers — but these days, the series is controversial for an entirely different set of reasons.

MTV has been accused of condoning — and even encouraging — abuse, neglect, and other abhorrent behaviors by rewarding the perpetrators with cushy, six-figure television jobs.

We won’t weigh in on that debate today, but we will say that when you look at how they wound up, it’s hard to believe that the original girls of Teen Mom OG came from such humble origibns.

Join us on a trip down memory lane, as we look at how it all began (and try to figure out what went wrong):