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Last month, Anna and Josh Duggar welcomed her sixth child, a girl named Maryella.

The unique moniker was chosen in honor of Josh’s grandmother, Mary Duggar, who died from drowning earlier this year.

Anna Duggar and a Child

Perhaps it’s because 2019 has been such a year of loss for that fans are on high alert for potential health issues.

Whatever the case, some commenters expressed concern in response to the latest photo posted by Anna.

The photo below prompted two kinds of comments from fan — most wanted to know where Anna got Maryella’s outfit.

But many feared that the baby is suffering from a liver disorder that’s common among newborns.

Maryella Duggar Image

"Several of you have asked about this outfit Maryella was wearing in Aunt [Jana Duggar]’s story," Anna captioned the pic.

"It’s from [KicKee Pants] they are my current favorite because they are adorable, super soft, and they still look good after multiple washes!" she continued.

"What are some of your favorite brands for baby items and clothing?"

So things started off innocently enough — but they took a dark turn when fans began to fixate on Maryella’s complexion.

Josh and Anna Duggar: Expecting

"She’s beautiful; is it just the filter on the pic, or is she a little jaundice? Not judging or hating by any means, just an ER nurse with an eye for it lol," one person wrote.

"I thought so too," a second commenter echoed.

"I immediately thought the same but didn’t want to mention till someone else did," a third remarked,

The commenter who initiated the conversation eventually chimed back in in hopes of putting the issue to rest:

Anna Duggar is Stuck with Josh

"Very well could just be a filter. It’s baby #6 I’m certain if she was jaundice she’d see it, or perhaps already has and she’s being treated. Was just my nursing eye thought," the nurse wrote.

This is one of the first photos that Anna has shared publicly since Maryella was born back on November 27.

"Maryella Hope arrived one day ahead of Thanksgiving Day 2019 and a great reminder to be grateful for all God has done for us!" she wrote on Instagram the following day.

"We are so excited and thankful to God for His special blessing giving us this precious, happy & healthy baby girl!"