Kailyn Lowry to Lauren Comeau: You Owe Me an Apology!

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Kailyn Lowry is all about trying to make peace these days.

Under certain conditions, that is.


Last week, for example, Lowry said she'd love to sit down and talk to Jenelle Evans in the wake of the latter's confirmed plans to divorce David Eason.

This announcement came as a pretty huge shock to fans of the Teen Mom franchise, considering the bitter rivalry that has existed between Lowry and Evans for years.

But Lowry expressed sympathy to Evans over all she has gone through with awful husband David Eason and all she will likely through over the next several months of negotiations.

(Jenelle just obtained a restraining order against Eason and has outlined various ways in which he threatened her.)

Kailyn Lowry Style

Speaking to In Touch Weekly not long after Jenelle told fans of her marital split, Lowry said that she “wishes [Evans] the best” going forward and, well... that was it.

Good for her, right?

Now, Lowry has touched on the subject of another long-time foe: ex-husband Javi Marroquin's fiancee, Lauren Comeau.

A follower asked Kailyn if she would entertain the possibility of having Comeau as a guest on her podcast, Coffee Convos, Lowry said, yes, sure, she was open to this appearance...

Kailyn Lowry Has 3 Kids

... on one condition.

"As soon as she’s ready to come talk to me woman to woman and apologize, she’s welcome anytime," Lowry said about Comeau.

Not exactly as mature a response as Kailyn offered when it came to Jenelle, huh?

This may be due to the fact that Lowry and Comeau have quite the personal history, sharing a baby daddy, for starters, along with a kind of ugly past.

Kailyn Lowry Rocks a Bikini

On the latest Teen Mom 2 reunion special, for example, Marroquin opened up about why Lowry and Lauren aren't on the best of terms.

"Kail went through my phone, Lauren called her a twat," he said on air, to which Lowry quickly added:

"Several times in one paragraph."

In a different scene, while sitting down with Jo Rivera's wife, Vee, Kailyn further explained why she will not be friends with Lauren, the way she is close to Vee. 

Lauren with Javi Marroquin

"I'm saying I will not be friends with her, I'm telling you, this isn't a 'we'll see,'" Lowry said  bluntly. "I will be cordial with each other because we have children that are siblings."

In January of this year, meanwhile, Javi spoke to OK Magazine about Lauren and Kailyn's rocky relationship and how he tries to navigate the tension between his ex and his current.

At the time of this tabloid interview, Javi revealed that the two ladies still haven't really spoken to each other, but we're taking "baby steps" to make things better.

It probably didn't help when Lowry recently said Javi tried to cheat on Lauren with... her.

Lauren Comeau with Javi Marroquin

Kailyn was married to Javi for nearly four years before ending their marriage in 2016.

They split custody of son Lincoln and have overcome some awful times themselves to now be on strong terms.

As for Lauren and Kailyn? You'd maybe think they'd be a little closer, simply because they have one huge thing in common:

Marroquin has screwed each one over by screwing someone else behind their backs.

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