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The Duggar family apparently feels like Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal has blown over, folks, because Jed Duggar is running for office.

Despite that being a deeply controversial move, his big sister Jana gave him a shout-out and a glowing endorsement.

Now, fans are upset with Jana for endorsing someone with upsetting, oppressive platforms like Jed’s.

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"It was an honor to go to the Arkansas State Capitol today," Jana’s Instagram post begins.

She got "to watch my brother @jed_duggar file as a candidate for House District 89."

"I’m so proud of the man he is," she gushes.

"And," Jana concludes, "the heart he has for serving the community of Springdale!"

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"I hope he doesn’t forget that humans, especially women, have rights," one commenter begins.

The comment continues: "Women have the right to many things and he better not take any of it away from them."

"Don’t punch your religious values on people," the comment concludes. "We don’t want it."

"No offense he’s not going to win," another follower cautions. "Janna has a better shot at winning than this guy."

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"Oh yeah, because he totally understands separation of church and state," another commenter derides.

The follower observes; "He’s been raised to believe nobody other than Christian men have rights."

"And he has no life experience," that same commenter concludes.

Clearly, Jed’s run for office is a disappointment to many fans, and they don’t love Jana endorsing his move.

Jedidiah and Jeremiah

"I’m a Conservative. Pro-Life. Pro Second Amendment. Pro Religious Liberty," Jed announced alongside his candidacy.

The chilling litany of his agenda was enough to alarm plenty of people, even though it is no surprise.

He also wrote that he plans to "Combat the Opioid Crisis. Lower Taxes. More Jobs & Growth. Strong Economy."

Jed being 20 years old and lacking any life experience or opinions of his own could really hamper him in any political race.

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"I’m Jed Duggar. I have grown up in the Springdale area all my life," he wrote on Instagram.

Jed continued: "And as a local small-business owner, I understand the important issues facing the residents and businesses of District 89."

Yes, we’re sure that Jed can relate to all of the other small business owners whose daddies gave them businesses instead of a college education.

Clearly, he is hoping that others will overlook his lack of qualifications or experience and simply side with his abhorrent views on human rights.

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"Northwest Arkansas is the economic engine of our state," Jed continued.

He wrote: our local jobs and state economy depend on elected officials that take a common-sense, business approach to legislative reforms."

"I will fight for sound fiscal policies and tax relief for all Arkansans," he pledged.

It sounds like Jim Bob is angling for a tax break for himself and his fellow millionaires.

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"I will unequivocally advocate for conservative values," Jed warned.

"I am a Christian and I will stand up for religious liberty," he emphasized.

Religious liberty is a favored euphemism meaning special rights for conservative Christians.

At times, laws passed on these grounds directly oppose the rights and beliefs of religious minorities.

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":I am pro-life and I will be an advocate for the unborn," Jed’s grim announcement continued.

He continued: "And I will always defend our Second Amendment."

In other words, he’s happy to see people forced to give birth, but once they’re born, it’s basically fine if they die in a hail of bullets.

"With your support," Jed tells his followers. "I will be a strong, conservative voice in Little Rock for District 89."

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Some Duggar fans have noted that Jed’s campaign seems to link his address to an apartment.

It wouldn’t normally be shocking for a 20-year-old to live on his own, but most 20-year-olds aren’t members of repressive cults.

Jim Bob lets his children move out of the house only when married. This seems like a curious exception.

Fans believe that Jim Bob wants to make Jed look independent. Who’s going to vote for a man who’s forbidden from having an orgasm?

Jana Duggar on Counting On: A Photo

Of course Jana endorsed Jed. Not only did she likely have no choice in the matter, but he’s her brother!

The reason that fans were upset is that Jed’s platform just … sucks.

The other reason is that Jana endorsing him conflicts with the image of Jana that fans have constructed in their minds.

If Jana is really a rebel against the horrible beliefs of her family, she’s really good at hiding it.