Kailyn Lowry: Teen Mom is a Friggen Mess and MTV is Tryna Replace Me With Jenelle!

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If you keep up with Teen Mom news, then you know that the Teen Mom 2 reunion that was filmed over the weekend turned into an actual nightmare.

It was exceptionally messy, even by Teen Mom standards.

Our girl Kailyn Lowry was in the middle of it all, and so when she recorded her podcast for the week, of course she wanted to fill her listeners in.

Suffice it to say, she did not mince words (does she ever?) when it came to everything that happened on that stage (and behind the scenes).

Buckle your seatbelts, grab a hat and hold the hell onto it because the truth bombs are about to get dropped ... and the feelings, you guys.

All the feelings.

1. Goodness

Yeah, so let's talk about that reunion, all right? Because from what we've heard so far, it sounds like it was an absolute disaster.

2. Hey, Jade!

Hey, Jade!
The new girl on Teen Mom 2, Jade Cline, was originally on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, so MTV thought it would be cool to bring some of her old cast members to the reunion for, you know, reasons.

3. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
Except one of the Young and Pregnant girls, Ashley Jones, is not friendly with Jade, not one bit, and rumor has it that she's extra mad because she didn't get chosen to be on the much more popular Teen Mom 2 when Jenelle left.

4. Getting Physical

Getting Physical
So during the Young and Pregnant segment, Ashley tried to start a big ol' fight, and she nearly succeeded -- while there wasn't an all-out brawl, security did have to storm the stage, and Ashley and her baby daddy had to be escorted out of the building altogether.

5. No Envy Here

No Envy Here
And who happened to be in the middle of that big mess? Kailyn, of course! That's why she had so much to say about it on her podcast, because she was right there for the whole thing.

6. Beats Us Too!

Beats Us Too!
As for why she was there in the first place, she explained "They have me with Jade onstage with the entire Young and Pregnant cast. And I’m like okay, why are we here? I don’t get it. There’s 7 of us on here. I have to physically like move my entire body to look down the entire couch at Nessa and Drew."

7. Hmmm

"I even joked with the audience like am I here to mediate some shit? What am I here for," she added.

8. OK ...

OK ...
She said that "I knew that Jade and Ashley had beef… So they’re having me onstage and their explanation for me being there was so that I could -- because I introduced Jade to the Teen Mom 2 cast and then Jade came from the Young and Pregnant cast -- that’s why Jade and I were onstage."

9. Setting the Stage

Setting the Stage
"This is where we get into it. Before the Young and Pregnant cast gets onstage, it’s just me and Jade. We move to the next couch so that there’s room for the other girls and there’s a circle of producers on set. And they’re in a circle talking."

10. Fair Warning

Fair Warning
"And I go up to them and I’m like hey and I raise my hand and I’m like 'This isn't a good idea,'" she recalled. "I said 'I understand that there’s a ton of security and I understand you guys think you have it handled but this is not a good idea.'"

11. Ah, Memories

Ah, Memories
"I said when Briana and I got into our shit Briana swore she was good to get onstage. Bri and Brittany were perfectly fine to get onstage and everyone thought it was fine and then when she came out acting crazy I literally didn’t know what was happening and then that happened."

12. Unfortunate

It's a good point, and Kail's been to enough reunions that she should've been considered an expert -- if someone has repeatedly expressed a desire to fight someone and then suddenly promises to be cool about it, you can't always trust them to actually be cool.

13. Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words
Back to the podcast -- Kailyn said that "The first half of the segment it was cool. I could feel the tension but it wasn’t crazy so I was like alright maybe we’re gonna get through this and it’ll be fine."

14. Here We Go

Here We Go
"So then Dr. Drew asked a question to Ashley basically about how does she feel about Jade being moved to Teen Mom 2 and that’s where all hell breaks loose."

15. Dang It, Drew!

Dang It, Drew!
"Ashley tried to just end it at she has her own feelings about it and that’s where she’s gonna leave it. But I don’t know if someone whispered in Drew’s ear or if he came up with the question on his own but he pushed for more than that and so she says 'Let’s cut the f-cking sh-t'… and she comes at Jade," Kailyn explained.

16. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
"Jade stands up. Jade and Ashley are going back and forth -- 'p-ssy this, you’re a p-ssy, f-ck you' … I’m standing in front of Jade at this point and I’m like 'Walk off this stage. This is not worth it. Do not do this because I told you this isn’t worth it.' She walks offstage. Cool. That’s diffused."

17. But Wait

But Wait
After that, Kailyn said that "Then Ashley is directly next to Kayla from Young and Pregnant… so Ashley addresses Kayla. I don’t know where this is gonna go. I don’t know what their relationship is."

18. Fair

"So I look at her and I’m like 'Switch spots with me so I’m next to Ashley.' Me and Ashely are cool… she switched spots with me and Ashley’s still going. I don’t know what’s being said. At this point I’m not listening."

19. Solid Advice

Solid Advice
"Security’s all up on the stage and I look at Kayla who's now on my right. And 'I’m like maybe you should walk off.' And she’s like 'Should I?' I nod at her to say yes."

20. Nessa, Nessa, Nessa ...

Nessa, Nessa, Nessa ...
"At this point Nessa is on my left a couple people down… she looks at me and she says 'Kail sit back,'" Kail continued. "Now you just pissed me off… I took it as Nessa telling me to sit back so MTV can film it. I was trying to diffuse the situation because these girls are going to regret acting like this alter on."

21. Getting Angry

Getting Angry
She said that she was "pissed off" because she felt there was no reason for any of that to happen -- there was no reason for the Young and Pregnant girls to be at the Teen Mom 2 reunion in the first place

22. Set Up

Set Up
"I feel like I was set up a little bit. And I feel true disappointment… I left. I walked off the stage. I said 'Bye Nessa.' I said 'F-ck this I’m out. You guys really brought me into this for no f-cking reason.' I’m trying to work on myself and I want to show people that I’m working on myself."

23. Disappointed

"Our employers are pressing and instigating these reactions and then we can’t control ourselves and then we regret it," she complained. "I feel like a huge disappointment in the people that I work for."

24. Well ...

Well ...
"And I’m upset for Jade and Ashley," she added. "You’re pinning girls against each other. This is not Maury. This isn’t Jerry Springer. This show is supposed to be used for educational purposes…"

25. On Top of Everything Else?!

On Top of Everything Else?!
Kailyn also said that she experienced even more stressed when she heard that Jenelle was in town, too -- "It’s like 'Oh, Jenelle’s in the city.' And I’m like 'Oh great I just walked offstage for defending Ashley and Jade. And now am I gonna get fired and replaced with Jenelle?' Like what’s gonna happen."

26. The Real Issue

The Real Issue
Basically, she said that it all boils down to this: "Being on Teen Mom and the production side of it is a job; however, that does not necessarily mean that we are employees where we are expected to go into a workplace and act a certain way or be professional and these are the expectations… they purposely put you in these situations where you’re not going to act like a professional employee."

27. So Many Fights

So Many Fights
"In the past I have gotten into arguments with cast members- specifically Briana. Do I want to be around her? No I don’t. Do I regret how I acted on TV? Yes I do because my kids can see that one day. It’s not who I really am."

28. Moving Forward

Moving Forward
"I’m saying all of that to say over the last year I have truly reflected on a lot of the things that I’ve done," she told her listeners.

29. Understandable

"So moving forward I don’t want to be involved in those things."

30. Trying to Do Better

Trying to Do Better
She said that this year, "I took it a step further by not only agreeing to do the reunion but to also bring my kids. I knew that Briana and I wouldn’t be in the same place. This was not going to be crazy and I wouldn’t be put in a situation where my safety and my kids safety would be compromised."

31. Ugh

So much for that, huh?

32. Who's Right?

Who's Right?
We can definitely see Kail's side here -- it must be frustrating to feel like your employer is encouraging you to be angry or violent.

33. Come On Now

Come On Now
Especially in this particular instance -- the way Kailyn tells it, the Young and Pregnant girls were brought in just to start drama.

34. On the Other Hand ...

On the Other Hand ...
Sure, Teen Mom has always been about the drama, and a reunion where everyone just hangs out and calmly discusses things might not be great for ratings, so maybe the network did what they felt they had to do to stir up excitement.

35. However ...

However ...
But if the end result was a longtime cast member sitting on stage while a bunch of younger ladies from a whole different show got into a big messy fight ...

36. Something to Consider

Something to Consider
Was it really worth it?

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