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Audrey Roloff does her best to maintain perspective at all times.

This is someone who nearly always mentions God in her social media posts and who can’t ever be accused of not seeing the bigger picture in life.

Except, well… she’s just been accused of this.

Audrey Roloff at 32 Weeks

In one of her latest Instagram posts, Audrey shared a few gorgeous photos.

As you can see above and below, they feature her, her very large baby bump and her precious two-year old daughter, Ember.

They also feature a heartfelt caption that outlines what Audrey’s life has been like of late — how, despite her glowing appearance in these snapshots, Roloff is actually struggling a bit.

And she’s here to explain why.

Such a Sweet Smooch

"It’s been a tough week," Audrey wrote simply, prior to delving into how Jeremy Roloff just underwent hernia surgery and adding:

"Taking care of a husband who is recovering from surgery and can hardly get up out of bed, potty training and cleaning up lots of poop and pee, working late nights/early mornings because that’s my only time, some very emotional decisions and conversations weighing heavy on my heart, on top of being 32 weeks pregnant…"

That sounds like a lot.

For real.

I'm at 30 Weeks!

Audrey continued as follows:

"Although I absolutely love these photos this past week has looked a lot more like chasing a naked toddler around a messy house, little kid potties in our living room, helping either Jeremy or Ember go to the bathroom, scrubbing carpets and crayon-stained floors, all while wearing the same oatmeal-stained pajamas that I haven’t changed in two days."

Roloff was actually making a legitimate point here.

She was saying that social media can be a deceptive world and that you should always remember that EVERYone — yes, even famous people — struggles at times.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Say Cheeese

In conclusion, Audrey sent a message to users, writing:

Rolling all the valor and stress away on my chest, listening to Phil Wickham’s new Christmas album, and continuing to remind myself that His past faithfulness demands my present trust.

So if you’ve had one of those weeks where you’ve both laughed and cried hysterically… hey you’re not alone.

Pretty nice message, right?

Photo via Instagram

Nope, WRONG, some readers clapped back.

One follower told Audrey that she really need to relax and appreciate her relatively stress-free life, writing as a remark:

Do all that and work a forty hour week driving a bus. Ur a stay at home mom.

Another, meanwhile, took things in an entirely different and sort of wild direction.

"Audrey, this is life," wrote someone with the handle "dcypl2," who then continued by telling this story:

"It goes too fast, and you just do not have any idea how blessed your week sounds to me. My daughter and son in law had to make the horrifying decision of when to pull the respirator from their one month old only son.

"We only wish we could potty train him and chase him around the house.

"But they never will.

"They are working on his obituary, and deciding on an urn for his ashes. I know it is hard for you… but count your blessings and thank the lord for your trials…and pray for others who may have worse."

Ummm… wow, huh?

Audrey is in her third trimester of pregnancy, which messes with one’s hormones and also with one physically in many different ways.

She’s also caring for a two-year old, which is not an easy task on a daily basis.

Her husband just underwent a serious surgery and cannot help around the house — and while, yes, it would be incredible for everyone to have some sort of global perspective at all times…

At the Farm with Ember

… come on now. That’s just not realistic.

We feel awful for the couple cited in the comment/story above, but their tragedy doesn’t mean that Audrey isn’t also going through a tough time.

Everyone should just try to be sympathetic to everyone else at all times.

That’s our main takeaway here.