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With two kids at home and a husband in law school, we think it’s safe to say Jill Duggar has a lot on her plate these days.

Unfortunately, her kids can’t say the same, because Jill keeps burning their meals!

Jill Duggar With Her Sons

We kid Jill, of course.

We’re sure that on her best days, she’s perfectly capable of conjuring one of those bizarre Duggar specialties like tater tot casserole or "the chickennetti," which In Touch describes as "spaghetti, chicken, broth, canned tomatoes, cream of chicken soup, Velveeta cheese."

Perhaps not surprisingly, that particular atrocity is Josh’s favorite.

Anyway, Jill was cooking a more traditional "meal" earlier this week when things went horribly awry in a hilarious way.

Jill Duggar Got Her Hair Done

According to her Instagram Story, Jill attempted to prepare a mac and cheese cup for her youngest son, Sam, but she missed a crucial step in the process.

“Can’t really see it here but it’s a little bit smokey in here because yours truly was a little bit distracted while making mac ‘n’ cheese,” Jill said, while showing off the burned cup.

“Those little mac ‘n’ cheese cups, this is what’s left of Sam’s mac ‘n’ cheese. I forgot to add water to it,” she added.

“So it started smoking and I was like, standing there looking. I was like, ‘Oh that’s interesting.’"

Interesting, indeed.

To her credit, Jill is offering up this story as a relatable mom moment.

Self-deprecation is not exactly the Duggars’ strong suit, and it took guts for Jill to break from the family norm like this.

"I didn’t notice there was any kind of smoke, it must be really hot coming out of top of the thing here.’ I was like, ‘Oh it looks a little smokey up here like, pouring across the ceiling,’" the mother of two continued.

"And I was like, ‘What’s that?’ And then I was like, ‘Uhhh,’ and I checked the microwave. I opened the microwave and I’m like ‘Ooh, I forgot to add water,’” 

“Note to everyone … you have to add water to mac ‘n’ cheese or it will turn into a black noodle melted mess LOL."

Fortunatelly, the story had a happy ending, as it was later updated with a short clip of a very eager Sam accepting Jill’s successful second attempt — an un-burnt offering of mac and cheese.

There’s a joke to be made here about the link between the Kraft corporation and happy endings, but it would be inappropriate for an article about a family so chaste as the Duggars.

So you’ll just have to imagine it for yourself. 

Feel free to involve Tom Brady.