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We knew from the start of Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance that Michael and Juliana were going to stand out as a couple.

But with their difference in ages and finances and a couple of rumors floating around, will these two make it?

The answer may not be a shock, but the details are going to knock your socks off. Take a look:

Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio

Juliana Custodio is a hot 23-year-old Brazilian.

Michael Jessen is a rich 41-year-old American.

Viewers were already skeptical of these two before they learned that the two had met at a Croatian yacht party.

So it’s a shock to the 90 Day Fiance world to see that this couple didn’t go down in flames. Quite the opposite.

Michael and Juliana for 90 Day Fiance Season 7

Not only do we know that these two got married, but In Touch Weekly has confirmed the wedding date and plenty of details.

"The wedding took place at Michael’s house in Greenwich on Saturday, October 12th," an insider dishes.

"It was a fairly big ceremony," the source reveals.

The insider adds that the wedding "was filmed and will air in the coming episodes."

Juliana Bikini photo (90 Day Fiance S7)

One detail from the ceremony is absolutely stunning.

"His ex-wife, Sarah, officiated the wedding," the source announces.

"Despite what’s reported about her not liking Juliana," the insider states. "[She] and Juliana get along really well in real life."

Viewers have already seen some footage of her and Michael seeming to disagree about co-parenting.

Juliana and Michael 90 Day Fiance S7 teaser 2

But it sounds like Michael’s ex clearly has zero hard feelings.

“Sarah has moved on," the source emphasizes. "And is engaged to be married."

So she has plenty of reasons to not hold a grudge over Michael finding love again.

The insider characterizes her feelings: "She’s happy for Michael that he found love again with Juliana."

Juliana Had a Rough Visa Interview

Obviously, sometimes the drama on 90 Day Fiance is set up by producers.

They’ll prompt stars with a question or an awkward situation in order to see what happens next.

(That’s not the same thing as a scripted interaction, but stars are expected to play along for the sake of drama)

But sometimes, little things like Juliana being asked if she has been a sex worker by immigration officials, just happen organically.

Juliana birth year 1996 (90 Day Fiance S7)

And there’s no denying that the age gap is a real issue.

Many critics have viewed this as a one-sided issue, accusing Juliana by saying that if Michael were not rich, she wouldn’t be giving him the time of day.

Well, for one thing, Michael’s kind of a DILF, and we can’t think of the last time that we saw anybody’s sugar daddy being legitimately handsome like this.

For another, would Michael be paying this much attention to Juliana if she weren’t hot? That’s just as fair of a point as his money.

Michael Speaks (90 Day Fiance S7)

The reality is that both Michael and Juliana seem to have compatible personalities and appear to be getting what they want out of this marriage.

(Seriously, congratulations are in order to the two of them for finding each other and we wish them well with their happily wedded bliss)

They are both consenting adults. And while there’s no evidence that Juliana was ever a sex worker, it shouldn’t matter if she was. Sex work is work.

The most impressive part of all of this isn’t the money or the age difference, but the wedding itself.

Imagine being on such good terms that your ex officiates your wedding? Absolutely wild. Well done.