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90 Day Fiance alum Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava has undergone a radical and award-winning body transformation.

Now she’s clapping back hard at a body-shaming concern troll who fears that she is "wasting away."

Anfisa Nava Selfie With Cat

"Me being conceited for 10 seconds straight," Anfisa tagged a recent video, which we have included in gif form.

Anfisa reveals that she is listening to "Blanco," by J Balvin.

"Also," she writes, "this is the kind of songs that get me through my workouts."

"Off to school now," Anfisa’s simple caption concludes.

Photo via Instagram

Anfisa clearly has many reasons to be conceited, but one of her followers did not agree in the slightest.

"I’m not trying to be rude, just honest," a rude comment begins.

The concern troll asserts: "You are wasting away to nothing and starting to look unhealthy."

"The human body needs a percentage of body fat to be healthy," the comment concludes.

Anfisa Nava Flexes

"Absolutely true," Anfisa replies. "But that percentage doesn’t have to be extremely high."

In fact, the fat percentage that is healthy varies widely according to genetics, build, and other factors.

"Having a healthy amount of fat doesn’t equal being overweight!" Anfisa notes.

"I have enough fat for all parts of my body to function properly, don’t worry about it," she concludes. "Go, girl!"

Photo via Instagram

Anfisa’s very upbeat and overly friendly clapback was not the only reply that the concern troll received.

"Wasting away to nothing?" marveled one follower. "She looks super healthy and great!”

“If you follow her on YouTube she eats plenty of food," the fan notes.

That same comment concludes: "But she’s healthy and works out! What are you talking about?”

Anfisa Nava Poses Before NPC Competition

Another Instagram denizen asserts: “She is strong. She’s not ‘wasting away.’ She’s not starving."

"She’s lean," the fan explains to the concern troll.

"And there is a huge difference between being fit and being malnourished/wasting away," the follower notes. "Come on nowww."

Building up hard muscle as Anfisa has is not the same thing as becoming withered through starvation.

Anfisa Nava Gained 10 Pounds

Now, there is some validity to concerns, but not because Anfisa is skinny.

Dramatic body transformations, like those undergone by some famous actors for speciifc roles, are catastrophically bad for the body.

Whether deliberately gaining or losing weight, it takes a toll on the cardiovascular system.

Sometimes even what appear to be "healthy" fitness accomplishments can be less healthy than staying at one’s previous weight.

Photo via Instagram

However, even if the concern troll had rephrased, it would not have been appropriate to comment.

Why? Because it’s literally not anybody’s business that Anfisa does with her own flesh prison.

On top of that, Anfisa has literally won bodybuilding contests in the bikini category.

We would like to imagine that she and other bodybuilders are at least reasonably healthy.

Jorge Nava Weight Loss After 14 Months in Prison
(Arizona Department of Corrections)

Anfisa is not the only person in her marriage who has undergone a transformation.

Jorge Nava, just one year into his sentence, looks dramatically different after changing his routines — albeit involuntarily.

In fact, Jorge has revealed his weight loss secrets, at least some of which might be duplicated outside of prison.

When he gets out, perhaps concern trolls will bombard him with their body-shaming, but we somehow doubt that he’ll receive as much.

Society conditions us to think that we can say what we like about women’s bodies, specifically.