Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown: Are They Banging or What?!?

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It's not really something you can develop; it's almost always something you naturally have or you simply do not.

For Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown, it's clear they produce sparks every time they tango or foxtrot or take on any number of routines this season on Dancing with the Stars.

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten Pic

They very clearly have chemistry on the dance floor.

But does this chemistry also translate to the bedroom?

As the rumor mill churns and churns with chatter about the partners having taken their professional relationship to a new, often-naked personal level, it's time we asked for real:

Are these two actually dating?!?

Alan Bersten and Hannah

It seems fairly evident that  Brown and Bersten, at the very least, want fans to think they're a romantic item.

Why else go as each other's dates to last week's Country Music Awards?

The reality stars didn't confirm they were boning or anything at the  event, but Brown was asked about their status this past September, remarking at the time:

"We are dance partners, and we have the best time together, and we have a friendship that is great."

Hannah Dance

Having just come off an emotional season of The Bachelorette, Brown added shortly after this new Dancing with the Stars season kicked off that she wasn't really thinking about men right now.

Not in any romantic sense, that is.

"I think I’m done with roses," she said. "So mirrorball [trophy] is what we have our eye on."

That was then, however. What's the deal with these partners now?!?

Hannah Brown on DWTS night 4

During an instagram Live session on Monday, Brown admitted that Bersten calls her "babe" on a frequent basis.

Hours later, the tandem was voted through to the Dancing with the Stars finals.

“We are, like, so close at this point. So he could … say anything, and I would be like, ‘Whatever,'" Brown said during this Instagram session, adding:

'Like, we’re just really at that point where we’ve spent every single day [together]. He’s had to become my best friend. It’s been great.”

Hannah Brown at 2019 CMAs

The choreographer agreed.

He echoed this sentiment, saying the pair have developed “a level of trust” over the past two months, to which Brown interjected:

“Yes! That we definitely have.”

That's wonderful and all, but we still are being forced to wonder: Have they also established a level of trust that the other can bring him or her to orgasm?

Hannah Brown at the PCAs

While we root for Brown and Bersten to take the Mirrorball Trophy home this season, we'll also be rooting for signs that they've gone home with each other at some point.

To have sex, we mean.

What do you think?!?

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