Jorge Nava Reveals Weight Loss Secrets: Here's How I Got Hot!

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90 Day Fiance fans are reeling this month after Jorge Nava's dramatic body transformation.

It's weird to say it, but ... prison looks good on him.

Now, Jorge has opened up in a real interview and shared his weight loss secrets along with his aspirations for when he is released from prison.

Jorge Nava Weight Loss After 14 Months in Prison

E! News coordinated with Jorge Nava's attorney, Brad Rideout, in order to interview Jorge about his prison life and his dramatic body transformation.

"I am glad that people are noticing some positivity out of such a negative outcome," Jorge begins.

"Hopefully people can see that I am able to turn things around," he expresses.

Jorge is optimistic "even though I am at the lowest point in my life."

Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko Discuss His Prison Sentence

Obviously, Jorge made headlines recently for his astounding weight loss.

Jorge shares that he works out with a buddy at 4 AM and then again afternoon -- every single day.

"We both motivate each other," he shares. "And we push ourselves to the limit pretty much,"

Jorge details that he is interested in "military-based" workout routines and has been doing  "a lot of jogging."

Jorge Nava New Mug Shot

As far as his diet is concerned, Jorge shares that he has been eating a lot of both oatmeal and peanut butter.

Prison life has left him deprived of fast food, energy drinks, and soda, which he says contributed to his former weight.

"I had a really bad diet when I was out in the free world," Jorge admits.

We can all agree that incarceration is not the ideal recipe for adopting a healthy lifestyle, even though it may work.

Jorge Nava and Anfisa Nava Dance

Jorge explains his aspirations and how he currently feels.

"I wanted to be in the best physical and healthiest shape possible," Jorge expresses.

He announces: "I feel healthy and energetic."

"I feel overall more confident with myself," Jorge shares. Good for him!

Jorge Nava Mug Shot

Jorge emphasizes that, despite the terrible circumstances, his relationship with Anfisa is "doing really well."

"My hope is to basically get out and start life over with a different point of view," he expresses.

Jorge explains: "I don't want to make the same mistake that I already did."

We assume that he is referring to his life in general. His only "mistake" behind going to prison was being in Arizona with an illegal plant.

Anfisa and Jorge Kiss

"I learned from all of the negativity," Jorge explains.

"Hopefully," he concludes. "I can turn it into something positive and make a greater change."

Curiously, he does not talk much about Anfisa during the interview, aside from looking forward to their reunion.

Considering that Anfisa doesn't want to talk about Jorge at all right now, well, only time will tell what sort or reception he receives next year.

Anfisa Nava and Jorge Nava at the Pool

When Jorge was pulled over early last year transporting hundreds of pounds of marijuana in Arizona, he must have feared the worst.

It's great to hear that he is making the best of it.

While we know that dramatic weight loss can sometimes be worse for the body than simply retaining weight, let's hope that this has a positive effect on Jorge's long-term health.

We wish him the best as he completes his unjust sentence and prepares to go home to his wife.

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