Abbie Duggar Makes Stunning Announcement About Her Future

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In the very near future, Abbie Duggar will be doing a lot of nursing.

This is because she's in the final trimester of first pregnancy and will soon be welcoming a baby girl.

And she's a member of the Duggar family, so you just know she'll be breastfeeding.

Abbie Duggar and John David

Speaking to Us Weekly, however, the 27-year old addressed the topic of a different kind of nursing, taking readers by surprise by stating that she may actually resurrect this career at some point.

Abbie, you see, was a nurse back in Oklahoma when she met husband John-David.

She then gave up this profession once she got married because... come on now, women are only allowed to cook and clean as members of the Duggar cult.

And get knocked up, of course.

John David and Abbie Duggar/Burnett

In the aforementioned new interview, though, Abbie makes it sound as if she isn't actually done being a professional caretaker.

“I’ve got my license transferred over to Arkansas so that I have that availability if I want it,” Abbie explained, continuing as follows:

“I know I’m planning to keep up my license by doing the continuing education hours. We’ve talked about looking at some options of getting a job. We just haven’t yet.

"We’ve just really been enjoying being married and traveling a lot this year. So we’ll just keep it as an option and see what happens...

"We may wait until our little girl is grown. We’ll just have it as an option if we want or need it.”

Abbie is Bumpin!

Abbie and John-David just celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary.

On a previous episode of Counting On, the former didn't sound too excited about giving up her job.

“I just love taking care of people. But I left my job a couple of months ago so that I could plan for the wedding,” she said back then, elaborating as follows:

“I do hope to go back to nursing one day, especially so I can keep up my license and my skills.”

John David and Abbie Duggar on Their Gram

John-David, of course, was aghast at the prospect of his wife doing something she loves.

Or doing anything aside from being subservient to him.

He doesn't come across as being very open to it now, either.

Consider all the qualifications he puts into his response below:

Abbie and John David Announcement

I think [we’ll] wait until the baby’s born before we make any big decisions for us. …

Then maybe several months down the road after the baby’s here, we can look at … different places for options for her to even work part-time or something like that.

The 29-year old old pilot married Abbie in November of 2018, and they shared their pregnancy news nine months later.

“We are on Cloud 9 about welcoming our own little Duggar into the world,” the Counting On couple told Us Weekly in a statement in August.

“It really is amazing to think about being parents and having our own child to raise.

"We are thankful that God has blessed us with this new life and we look forward to taking on this new adventure!”

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