David Eason: Eff You, Jenelle! I Have My Animals to "Keep Me Company"

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You've probably heard the news by now, but we just love saying it, so we're gonna tell you again, anyway:

Jenelle Evans has filed for divorce from her dog-slaughtering husband, David Eason.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in December

Or, to put it more accurately, Jenelle claims she's filed for divorce.

There's no evidence that she's taken any legal steps toward ending her marriage, and Jenelle doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to telling the truth.

Sometimes she lies for no apparent reason, but this time, Evans' motive for allegedly misleading the public is rather obvious.

Jenelle wants her old job back, and she thinks dumping Dave -- or at least creating the illusion that she's dumped Dave -- is her best chance at getting re-hired.

Dave's Critters

So either David is truly heartbroken, or he's just playing along with the ruse -- either way, we're a little disturbed by his latest Instagram post.

“At least these guys know how to keep me company! I love my herd!” Eason captioned the photo above.

For a number of reasons, we don't want to delve too deeply into the idea of David seeking -- "companionship" from the farm animals who populate The Land.

Instead, we'll focus on two interesting questions raised by this post.

1. Where the hell is Maryssa?

Maryssa Goes Back to School

Let's not forget, David is not the only human currently living on the Eason homestead -- or at least he shouldn't be.

He still has custody of his 11-year-old daughter Maryssa, who's been strangely absent from his social media in the days since Jenelle's departure.

Of course, Maryssa is smart -- much smarter than her father -- so she's probably just taking advantage of the property's vast acreage to keep her distance from dude.

That brings us to question two: why isn't David way more pissed off?

David Eason with Maryssa

This is a guy whose social media tirades got him fired from Teen Mom 2.

Eason once got visited by the Secret Service because he threw an online temper tantrum over something he saw on the news.

And then there are the many, many instances of spousal, child, and animal abuse, the most recent of which being the infamous incident in which David shot and killed the family dog in front of his kids.

What we're saying is -- if his wife really up and left him out of nowhere, wouldn't his social media posts be much angrier?

David Eason, Wife

According to reports, Jenelle absconded to New York under cover of night in order to meet with MTV execs,

She then fled with her kids to Tennessee, and insiders say she's had zero contact with David throughout her week on the run.

The guy has expressed his displeasure with the situation online, but we're talking about the angriest man in the history of reality television.

The fact that he's not selling stories to TMZ and posting non-stop video rants online tells us one of two things:

Either David is playing along with Jenelle's con, or he really, really wants her to come home and continue supporting his unemployed ass.

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