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Abbie Burnett worked as a registered nurse when she met John David Duggar, the second-eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle.

She had dedicated her professional life to helping those in need, pretty much as admirable an occupation as one can possess.

Abbie and John David

One would think John David and his loved ones would admire Abbie.

One would think that they’d applaud her career and encourage her to pursue it in whatever way she wanted.

One would think they’d even push her to advance far in the industry in order to help as many people as possible.

But anyone who thinks this clearly is not familiar with the Duggars.

John-David Duggar and Wife

Earlier this year, we reported that the family was actually unhappy that Burnett continued to work.

Licensed in Oklahoma, Abbie was in the process of transferring that nursing license to Arkansas so that she could continue to work in her new home state.

Fast forward about two months, however, and Burnett no longer has a job.

Despite having gone to school for many years to serve patients as a nurse, she has decided to quit, which has led many Counting On viewers to wonder…

John-David Duggar, Wife

… was this really her decision?

During a recent episode of Counting On, Abbie seemed hesitant about stop working – and she didn’t rule out going back to the nursing profession someday.

“I just love taking care of people. But I left my job a couple of months ago so that I could plan for the wedding,” she explained, elaborating as follows:

“I do hope to go back to nursing one day, especially so I can keep up my license and my skills.”

John David and Abbie on Their Wedding Day

Admirable, right? (If you ignore the part that anyone would actually leave a job just to plan a wedding, which is bat$hit insane.)

Time will tell if Burnett really does join the professional ranks at some point soon, but we’d be surprised if she were in a hurry.

It seems nearly impossible to believe that John David isn’t pressuring her to remain at home and just churn out his babies.

This is really all women are good for in the eyes of the Duggar family.

John David & Abbie Wedding Day Pic

We can’t think of a single female within the clan that has a job, can you?

But we can think of quite a few that recently gave birth or who are currently pregnant. (Congrats to Kendra and Joseph Duggar, by the way! And also Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald!)

Indeed, while many Duggar fans may support these reality stars because they seem to value family and love and all the cliches that come along with it… let’s be real:

Even the most ardent supporter must admit that the Duggars don’t exactly believe in female empowerment.

And, look, we hope Abbie is happy after five months of marriage.

We’re sure she’ll announce any minute now that she’s expecting and we’ll wish her all the best for a safe and relatively easy pregnancy/delivery.

We just also hope she maintains a sense of autonomy while married. She’s still her own person and that person accomplished a great deal prior to meeting John David and exchanging vows.

Never lose sight of who that person is, okay, Abbie?

Stay strong.