Teresa Giudice: My Marriage Depends on My Trip to Italy!

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Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice have not seen each other in about three years and eight months.

That sounds crazy, but it's true.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star confirmed as much herself during her joint interview with her estranged husband late last month on Bravo.

these giudices

This will change in the near future, however, as Teresa is planning a trip to Italy with her four daughters some day soon.

Why must they go to Italy just to see their husband/father?

Because Joe recently completed a 41-month stint in prison due to his role in a bankruptcy scheme perpetrated by himself and Teresa.

He was then ordered to be deported because he commited this crime without being a U.S. citizen... and was then released from ICE custody -- as long as he returns to his native country -- while he awaits a decision on his appeal.

Pair of Giudices

So that's where Joe sits right now: waiting to learn about his legal future.

And also about his marital future, as he and Teresa do NOT sound like a couple that thinks it will remain a couple for very much longer.

During the aforementioned Bravo special, Teresa and Joe each opened up about the fate of their relationship.

“I’ve been on my own now for three years and seven months and ... we’re both two different people now and I don’t know. I’m not the same Teresa I was and I know he’s not the same Joe," Teresa told Andy Cohen.

Teresa on Watch What Happens Live

Teresa added at the time of Joe:

“I do love him as a person. I do. I still care about him. I love him. I don’t know how I’m going to feel when I see him. That’s why I’m so nervous when I see him. I love him.

"He’s my husband. We have children together.”

Those are facts.

But it's also true that Joe and Teresa both think the other had been unfaithful. That can't bode well, can it?

Teresa Giudice and Joe on Bravo

This all brings us back to the upcoming Italy trip.

“When I go see him in Italy, we’ll figure that out,” Teresa said when asked where her relationship stands at the New Jersey Ultimate Women’s Expo on Sunday, November 3.

Joe, meanwhile, seems aware that Teresa wants a divorce.

“Listen, as long as she’s happy, that’s all that really matters,” he said to Cohen.

“I’m not going to tell her what to do. If she doesn’t feel like she wants to be with me anymore, that’s the thing to do.”

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