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Last month, we reported on Robert’s surprising history of arrests and convictions. That was not his last surprise.

Now, he has revealed that he is the father of five children, leaving fans as bewildered as his fiancee.

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Even fans who have opted to skip Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance (they’re making a mistake, but whatever) are keeping up with Pillow Talk.

Which means that they, too, sawa  preview clip that shed light on Robert’s family situation.

"I have five beautiful children with four different women," Robert announced during the clip.

No one was more astounded than his fiancee Anny, who expressed to the camera: "What the f–k?"

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Viewers have of course seen plenty of sweet little Bryson, Robert’s five-year-old.

(A few have made abhorrent comments about this young child’s behavior and even issued threats, because people are the worst)

As we previously reported, Robert appears to have two children who are somewhat older than Bryson.

How do we know this? Because child support filings and payments in Florida make that clear.

Robert and Annie for 90 Day Fiance Season 7

We’re not exactly mathematicials, but Bryson plus two other kids just equals three. There must be two more.

So why didn’t initial research by the good folks over at Starcasm turn up these other two kids?

Well, Robert may now live in WInter Park, Floriday, but he is originally from New York.

It seems possible that he may have fathered two other children while he there.

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In fact, given that timeline, it is even possible that Robert’s kids are adults

Next month, Robert will be 42 years old.

If he fathered his first two kids while in his early twenties, they could be young adults right now.

Obviously, that is speculation, but it would explain why even those following 90 Day Fiance very closely were taken aback by his big reveal.

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Honestly, the biggest issue here may not be why it was a surprise to us, the viewers and fans.

Why in the world didn’t Robert tell Anny that he is a father of five?

Or, for that matter, that he has four different baby mamas? That’s what many folks would consider to be a big ol’ red flag.

So, we have to ask: Anny, are you okay?

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If Anny is a gold digger, she appears to be barking up the wrong tree, as her thrift store adventure made clear.

Robert lives in a one-bedroom apartment and shares a bed with Bryson.

Real talk? It’s okay that Anny didn’t see that coming.

Most parents would prioritize buying their child their own bed over going on a cruise.

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Robert should have disclosed more about the realities of his life to Anny.

it is clear why he did not — she might have chosen to pick a guy with less baggage.

That said, there’s always a chance that part of this drama was encouraged by producers. Perhaps the episode will make that clear.

Even if Anny’s inentions towards Robert are purer than anyone believes, she may cut and run after realizing that Robert misrepresented himself.