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Impeachment proceedings aginst the President of the United States are underway.

This marks as important a development as perhaps any in modern political history and, as such, it was the topic of a discussion between MSNBC host Christ Matthews and Congressman Eric Swalwell on Monday night.

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The interview between these men has since gone viral — but not for any reason related to the alleged extortion by our Commander-in-Chief of a desperate ally.

But, instead, because one of these guys totally farted on air.

We’re not trying to be gross or inappropriate here.

It’s just, well… check out the video evidence for yourself:

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"The President used taxpayer dollars to ask the Ukrainians to help him cheat an election," says Swalwell … when what sounds like an emission from one’s anus is very clearly heard through the screen.

Only the representative is on camera when this occurs, which is why many folks believe Matthews is the individual who let the fart rip.

Perhaps he presumed his microphone was muted during Swalwell’s response and felt it was a safe time to relieve the internal pressure?

This seems like the most likely explanation of what transpired, except that Matthews insists he isn’t the guilty party.

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With this interview having gone viral almost immediately — and with #FartGate trending nationwide on Twitter — the official Hardball account wrote the following last night:

"Sorry to disappoint the conspiracy theorists – it was the #hardball mug scraping across the desk. Get yours today and let’s get back to the news."

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As you probably could have guessed, however, America wasn’t buying it.

Swalwell, however, used the Tweet to at least proclaim his own innocence, responding to it with something far wittier than anything he said at any point during his failed Presidential campaign:

Total exoneration.

Swalwell also denied doing the deed to a Buzzfeed reporter, insisting:

"It wasn’t me."

The thing is, though, as noted by the Twitter user below and also The Hollywood Gossip Editor-in-Chief, Swalwell definitely breaks his cadence as soon as this alleged fart is ripped. 

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But why would Matthews and/or his represenatives, though the Hardball Tweet above, jump in with a defense if this were the case?

Why not at least let the question, well, linger before blaming this fart-like sound on a mug?

It’s the sort of debate that threatens to divide a nation, which is why we need your help.

Study the footage above and then vote right here: WHO FARTED, ERIC SWALWELL OR CHRIS MATTHEWS?