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It’s only been two days since the world saw the 90 Day Fiance Season 7 teaser trailer, and some couples are already garnering extra attention.

Robert and Anny are already turning heads, in part because the trailer makes Anny look like the franchise’s next big gold digger.

But now, Robert’s past has been dredged up, and it includes multiple children, evictions, and two arrests in the same year.

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First, a quick refresher, since we don’t really know these couples yet.

Robert is a 41-year-old father from Florida.

Anny (whose name has also been shown as Annie in TLC’s subtitles) is a 30-year-old from the Dominican Republic.

The pair met on social media and spoke for six months before meeting in person — when Robert took a cruise that stopped in the DR.

The two were together for only 8 hours. Robert decided that it was enough time to make his choice, and proposed to Anny.

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The trailer showed Robert waiting for Anny at the airport with a small child.

That child is his five-year-old son, Bryson.

(Bryson is as cute as a button and charged towards Anny excitedly when she arrived)

Records show that Robert also has two older children, a boy and a girl.

It appears that they live with their mother, and it is believed that they do not see Robert very often.

He has paid child support for several years, though it appears that he filed to amend the amount of support in 2016.

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Things may — or may not — be a little strained with the mother of Robert’s older children.

But it sounds like things with Bryson’s mother are much worse.

On June 6, 2016, Robert was the petitioner in a domestic violence with children case against Bryson’s mother.

Later that year, Bryson’s mother was arrested for domestic battery and for battery of a police officer.

Robert was listed as a witness, but it is unclear if he was the victim. Either way, it sounds like Bryson is much better off with Robert.

Robert and Annie for 90 Day Fiance Season 7

That said, Robert has his own history with law enforcement.

In 2012, he was arrested twice — both times for driving with a suspended license.

His license had been suspended in November of 2011.

This was not unrelated to his eviction notice in 2012, to which he responded by pleading to the judge that he had missed one payment only due to being in jail.

The judge sided with him. In 2014, he was sent a notice of eviction, but managed to settle things with his landlord.

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Sometimes, with 90 Day Fiance couples, it’s impossible to keep their relationship outcome a secret.

Marriage certificates are an item that, in this business, we call a clue.

So far, no amount of digging has turned up anything — except that if Robert and Anny are living together in Florida, they’re not advertising it.

Maybe they are broken up — or maybe they are just keeping things under wraps, as mandated by their NDA.

If they don’t get married, they will be only the second couple in the show’s history to not tie the knot — the first being Azan and poor Nicole.

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Real talk? In the trailer, Anny comes across as a gold digger. At least, that’s how TLC wants fans to see her, apparently.

Does Robert have any gold to dig, metaphorically speaking? Anybody can have a bad month or year and risk eviction, and 2014 was a while ago.

But if Anny is looking for a cushy life and Robert cannot provide that, maybe that will spell doom for their engagement.

We hope, for adorable litlte Bryson’s sake, that if Robert does marry, it’s to someone who will marry for the right reasons and will love and cherish Bryson.

For that matter, Robert seems like a decent guy. We hope that he finds his happily ever after, whether or not it’s with Anny.