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Disgraced former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel pleaded guilty to assault and battery late this summer, but insists that he’s not a bad guy.

The real "villain," he wants people to know, is … Patricia Altschul.

On top of calling her "trash," he’s apparently blaming Patricia for all of his bad decisions.

Thomas Ravenel at the Reunion
Photo via Bravo

Thomas took to Twitter to make some astounding claims.

"So," he begins. "My family gave me the riot act."

"They said I had made some very bad decisions," Thomas revealed.

"And,": he claims. "It all boiled down to one thing: associating with trash."

It appears that Thomas has since, as folks on the internet might call it, rage quit Twitter, so we have to show you these tweets in day mode.

"When I asked to whom they were referring," Thomas shares. "The name I heard will surprise you, but if you only knew."

In all caps, he writes: "PATRICIA ALTSCHUL."

When a follower pointed out that Thomas is a notorious piece of trash who constantly disrespects women, Thomas fired back.

"This petty trash tried to put Kensie’s father in jail," Thomas accuses, as if that were a bad thing.

The accused rapist received a solid helping of backlash from Twitter denizens who found his anger to be absurd.

Thomas was astounded that people were so angry with him for attacking Southen Charm‘s most beloved fixture.

"So she can fire a howitzer at me and I return fire with a BB gun, and I’m the bad guy?" he marvels.

Well, yes. Patricia does not deserve to be "shot" with anything.

"Clearly," Thomas writes smugly. "You haven’t paid attention."

"That’s okay," he adds condescendingly.

Thomas then vows: "ALL WILL BE REVEALED."

That’s a lot of confidence for a guy who’s Twitter account is now blank.

A fan asked Patricia for her thoughts on Thomas’ lame attempt to besmirch her reputation.

The fan also mentioned that they love Patricia.

Clearly, Patricia replied only to the fan’s affection, ignoring Thomas as he deserves.

And as for Thomas, well, we already told you what his Twitter page looks like right now.

Fans really let Thomas have it in his mentions before he fled the platform, and some tweets perfectly encapsulated why.

"Is Pat responsible for the woman TRav paid off for sexual assault years ago?" one tweet begins.

The tweet continues: "his prison term for cocaine, the way he treated Kathryn, his rants & raves (Patricia wasn’t present) we saw on air?"

"Dang," the tweet remarks with cutting sarcasm. "Patricia is more powerful than I imagined!"

Thomas Ravenel is, as the tweet notes, a man accused of sexual assault by multiple women.

He’s also a notorious jerk who squandered a once-promising political career with a bag of coke.

It may be that his family considers his real mistake to be associating with Patricia Altschul or appearing on Southern Charm.

If so, they’re terrible and it explains a lot about the iredeemable man that Thomas is.

For the record, anything that Patricia may have done to put Thomas in jail where many believe that he belongs is downright heroic.