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Disgraced Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel finished his custody battle with Kathryn Dennis in something of a stalemate.

But that doesn’t mean that he’s out of the woods when it comes to the very serious accusations of sexual assault.

This week, Ravenel reported back to court — and entered his guilty plea.

Thomas Ravenel Mug Shot
Photo via Charleston County Sheriff office

On Wednesday, September 11, Thomas Ravenel appeared in a Charleston courtroom.

There, he entered a guilty plea to the charges of third degree assault and battery.

His sentence? 30 days in prison.

Additionally, the judge suspended the jail time, changing it instead to require the wealthy socialite to pay a fine … of $500.

Ravenel has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

Keeping in mind that he is accused of raping his children’s nanny, that is … not the outcome that many of his detractors had hoped to see.

Thomas Ravenel on Charm
Photo via BRAVO

There was, at least, an allecution.

"On the night of the incident, I did attempt to kiss her," Ravenel admitted in court.

"And in doing so," he confessed. "I grabbed her arm and that was wrong."

Ravenel concluded: "And I am much appreciative of the opportunity to apologize to her in court today."

Dawn Ledwell, his accuser and his children’s former nanny, was not present in court to see him skate by with a modest fine.

Thomas Ravenel on Southern Charm
Photo via Bravo

Ravenel’s story of an attempted unwanted kiss certainly qualifies as assault.

But it’s a very different story than the one that Ledwell mustered the courage to share.

She describes the 2015 incident as him having removed his clothing, cornering her, and forcibly place her hand against his genitals.

She accuses him of having places his hand against her groin in turn.

Ledwell sustained injuries to her neck and breasts during the assault, apparently caused by what was done to her clothing.

Thomas Ravenel Snapshot
Photo via Bravo

Ledwell explained that she did not cry out or fight back during the alleged sexual assault because one of the young children was sleeping nearby.

As awful as what was happening to her was, she was more afraid of the young child seeing it and being traumatized.

One year ago, in September of 2018, Ravenel was arrested for assault and battery in the second degree.

It seems that prosecutors were already uncertain of how much of what happened to Ledwell they could prove in our court system.

Clearly, even less than they thought, as the disgraced former politician was able to reduce the case to giving an unwanted kiss and then pay what amounts to a parking ticket.

Thomas Ravenel
Photo via Bravo

Ledwell is also not the only woman to accuse Ravenel of sexual assault.

After a Tinder date with one woman, he allegedly changed demeanor dramatically and alarmingly and sexually assaulted her.

That woman is bound by an agreement to not speak of it.

Her daughter was involved in the proceedings but is not beholden to an NDA, and it was she who shared the story with the world.

It has been strongly suggested that Ravenel may have had other, unidentified alleged victims sign NDAs in the past.

But for now, that is speculation, and Ravenel remains a free man. A free, awful man.