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Jersey Shore has a reputation – and owes its success, in large part – for being a bit more authentic than most reality shows.

That being said, it’s still MTV, and the show has definitely relied on a handful of semi-scripted storylines over the years.

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Nevertheless, while you can edit, manipulate, and encourage drama, you can’t script bitterness and boiling bad blood like this.

it’s beginning to look more and more like the latest feud is fully legit, as the participants are not getting along on camera or off.

And it’s game on.

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As you’re probably aware, co-stars Angelina Pivarnick and Jenni Farley, a.k.a. JWoww, are not exactly besties these days.

Or even frenemies. They full-on hate each other.

The trouble started when Jenni’s wannabe wrestler boyfriend, Zack Carpinello, groped Angelina during a group trip to Vegas.

Zack Carpinello, Angelina Pivarnick

The situation escalated when the guidos and guidettes assembled in their Seaside Heights, N.J., homeland a weeks later.

This time, effing Snooki got involved, and the Meatball wound up storming out of the house while screaming at Angelina.

Farley briefly broke up with Carpinello when she saw the groping footage (she was passed out drunk at the time of the grope).

But it didn’t take.

Angelina Pivarnick on MTV's Jersey Shore

The couple is now back together, and it seems they’re placing the blame for their split squarely on Angelina’s shoulders.

So we have two timelines in play – the show and the real-life one – and it seems Ang and Jenni hate each other on both.

The latest indication of bad blood off-camera comes to us courtesy of the shots fired on Angelina’s Instagram.

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Despite their many, many ups and downs, Pivarnick and fiance Chris Larangeira are still planning to get married soon.

Angelina hosted a bridal shower over the weekend, and as you can see from the photo above, Deena Cortese was there.

She was the only Shore star in attendance.

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Angelina captioned the photo:

"My lovely bridesmaids and maid of honor. Thank you for such a special day today. I wouldn’t of done it without you guys." 

"I loved everything everyone !!! Thank you I couldn’t thank everyone enough #bridalshower #love," she added.

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The Kim Kardashian of Staten Island proceeded to tag Deena and – well, just about everyone else who attended.

And clearly, she probably, almost definitely enjoyed taking the opportunity to publicly snub JWoww and Snooki.

It’s not so surprising that Jenni wasn’t invited.

JWoww Drunk

After all, JWoww and Angeliners have really never gotten along … to put it mildly. They’ve come to blows more than once.

But the Snooki snub is downright shocking.

Or at least a little shocking. Given the strides those two have made in their relationship over the years, we were surprised.

Snooki Tears Up

After all, Nicole basically served as Angelina’s sponsor when she rejoined the infamous "family" last year.

The fact that the Snook wasn’t at the bridal shower is just further evidence that this beef is the real deal.

And we’re sure it’ll continue to play out on camera in future episodes of Jersey Shore. Buckle up.