Mike Sorrentino Faces New Hardships Following Release From Prison [Report]

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If you've been watching the new season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, then you know that Mike Sorrentino's prison sentence is looming like a dark cloud over the fist-pumping shenanigans of our favorite guidos.

(Of course, Ronnie's relationship with Jen Harley, Jenni's divorce from Roger Mathews and a whole lot of other bad juju is also spoiling the party. We're beginning to think this "adulthood" business isn't all it's cracked up to be!)

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Picture

And if you've been watching the new season of Orange Is the New Black, you know that life after prison presents its own unique challenges.

So what does a long-running MTV reality series have to do with a long-running Netflix dramedy?

Well, if you're The Situation, it may be a good idea to figure out some way to stream the latter -- and take copious notes.

Sorrentino has been in prison since January, and he's reportedly scheduled for release sometime in the next few weeks.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Arrives at Court

Unfortunately, he won't be returning home to his new wife Lauren Pesce -- at least not yet.

Sorrentino will be finishing out his sentence in a halfway house -- and we think it's safe to say his Shore buddies won't be showing up to party with him dude ranch-style.

“Mike is getting released to a federal halfway house and there is no partying or drinking allowed,” inmate-turned-author Dan Wise tells Radar Online.

"After serving a month or so in a halfway house, he will transition to home confinement, possibly for the last two weeks of his sentence."

Mike and Ronnie

Wise says Sorrentino will be free to visit Lauren at the couple's home, but while he's staying at the halfway house, the rules will be almost as strict as they were in prison.

“At that point, there will still be no drinking, or substances allowed, and there will be strict drug testing," Wise claims.

"This will last until his actual release date in September. Then he will start his supervised release, which is similar to probation.”

A formerly hard-partying reality star who just did eight months behind bars will now be forced to pee in a cup on a weekly basis?

Mike Sorrentino and Wife

Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Or at least it would -- if this weren't the new and improved Big Daddy Sitch we're talking about.

Sorrentino has been sober for over three years, and at this point, it seems his only remaining vice is carbs.

And he credits Lauren and his Shore family for helping stay on the straight and narrow.

The Situation Is Sober

"Any substance I was going to do to excess, what you have to do is change your behaviors from negative ones to positive ones, slowly one day at a time,” Mike said in a recent interview.

It's a shame that his reformation came too late to save him from doing time.

But we're sure Mike is well aware of how much he has to lose if he messes up again.

There was a time when it would've only said this as a joke -- but it'll be good to have The Situation back.

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