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They say true love can endure any hardship.

But even the most ardent affection might struggle after one of the parties is dragged by a car and zapped by a police taser.

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Yes, celebrity news site TMZ is reporting today that Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley have called it quits yet again.

Obviously, Ronnie and Jen have broken up many, many, many times in the past, but both say the split is permanent this time.

And the crazy thing is, we believe them.

Mostly. This time, after all, it’ll be a lot harder to reconcile when they’re not allowed to speak or be within 100 feet of one another.

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In case you’ve fallen behind on the latest developments in the never-ending saga of Ron-Jen, first of all, we’re envious of you.

But here’s why it’s extremely unlikely that the Gruesome Twosome will give their disastrous relationship another chance:

For starters, the latest altercation between these two was the most troubling yet, which is saying a lot given their history.

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Picture Magro getting tased by police and wheeled off on a friggen gurney after allegedly threatening Harley with a knife.

After the alarming incident, Harley was granted an emergency order of protection forcing Magro to stick to a safe distance.

Obviously, Ron and Jen would take a considerable amount of flak if they were to give their relationship another go.

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After such a violent incident, Ron would likely be subject to an intervention from his Jersey Shore castmates … or the courts.

Obviously, bad press, bad decisions and the possibility of further, escalating violence has never stopped these two in the past.

This time, however, there’s even more at stake.

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Insiders close to the case say there are concerns than both Ronnie and Jen might lose custody of their daughter, 1-year-old Ariana.

That’s right. Should they choose to continue in this relationship, BOTH mom and dad could end up childless at the end of the day.

Thus far, their violence has been directed only at each other, but Ariana was witness to the latest meltdown and who knows what else.

Ronnie Says Something

We need not remind you that the insane altercation allegedly saw Jen and Ron physically struggling for control of poor Ariana.

It’s only a matter of time before the girl is caught in some sort of crossfire, and we shudder to think of what the outcome might be.

CPS might determine that the couple has failed to provide a safe environment for the child, and honestly, they’d have an argument.

So yeah, Ron and Jen – the time has come.

The time for you to pull the plug on this utterly toxic, awful relationship and focus on co-parenting as amicably as possible.

Strange as it is to say, when it comes to the two of you, staying apart for the kid is the new staying together for the kid!