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This week, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers were totally weirded out by Liam and Aladin’s awkward bath house conversation.

Some fans thought that Liam was too far, that he was being rude and selfish and even childish, wanting his mom to come home and take care of him.

Now, however, we’re learning that the truth is the opposite. 

Liam is not a fan of Aladin

AnDre Leila took to social media in an impassioned defense of his son, Liam.

"Just wanted to set things straight," the clarifying post begins.

"To anyone who says Liam is dumb or disrespectful," he addresses his message. "Or has mental problems."

He asserts: "You people are dumb as s–t."

Wow. Tell us how you really feel, dude.

"For one thing, Laura was living off of Liam in Floriday," Leila reveals.

"He made the money," he reveals. "And supported the household."

The post continues: "So he does not want money from her."

Some had speculated that Liam wanted Laura to return to the US so that he could mooch off of her.

Leila states that it’s quite to the contrary, "’cause she is broke as f–k."

Laura and Aladin at the Beach

"Another thing," Leila writes. "Is he was not rude to that dude."

He says that "TLC cut and spliced film to make it look like he was disrespectful."

Apparently this was "so all you idiots could talk about it like this."

That … is very easy to believe, actually.

What follows, folks, is getting into spoiler territory. Be warned.

Photo via TLC

"Laura is already divorced from that dude and is living in Ecuador for whatever reason," Leila writes.

Yes, we have already reported that Laura and Aladin are divorcing and that Laura is currently in Ecuador with Evelin.

He argues: "You can’t fault a kid for loving his mom and wanting what’s best for her."

"You don’t know what he has gone through," the post continues. "With all of the red neck f–ks she has dated."

We can imagine. Sometimes very nice and loving mothers have abhorrent taste in men.

Laura and Aladin Try on Hats

"Trust me," Leila tells anyone reading. "Laura is a crazy mess."

In contrast: "Liam is a very level-headed, intelligent kid."

His post concludes: "I know this because he is my son!"

It’s good to hear that explained, even if it is by a third party who was not present at the time.

Incidentally, we have heard other things about Laura that may explain even more — things that even Liam’s father does not know.

Laura Video Chats With Aladin

Laura was reportedly served with divorce papers from Aladin while she was filming the Tell All special.

So what do we know that Liam’s father does not?

Well, for one thing, she’s in Ecuador to hang out with Evelin … possibly because she has no other place to go.

And why is that?

Because she’s spent the past few decades living in Florida … but she’s not a native Floridian. Nor is she even an American.

If reports are to be believed, Laura Canadian. And apparently she was in Florida as an undocumented immigrant for all of this time.

Her son is an American and was providing her with a roof over her head for years.

Now, Liam can’t house his mother anymore and she has to figure out her next move because she can’t return to the US.

It’s no wonder that Liam was so, so concerned about his mother. She can never come back home. No jiggy-jiggy is worth that.