90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Which Couples Are Still Together?

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After part one of the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All special, we knew that the drama wasn't over.

The Tell All is a time for stars and coupels to confront each other over perceives issues.

The amazing host, Shaun Robinson, presses couples and asks the hard question -- exposing issues that were never resolved on camera.

But after weeks and weeks of on-screen drama, which couples have made it?

Take a look below and see for yourself who's still together and who has split:

1. Laura and Aladin

Laura and Aladin
Based upon the Tell All Part 2, you'd think that they're still working on things. At least, despite wanting a divorce, Aladin seemed to grudgingly agree to some sort of marraige counseling.

2. Things were no longer working out

Things were no longer working out
Laura had run out of money and could no longer pay rent. This is when, she says, Aladin suddenly started having a problem with her.

3. Aladin told a different story

Aladin told a different story
Though he did (after initially denying it) seem to admit that Laura had been paying his rent, he was frustrated with Laura's independent attitude, which he found disrespectful. He also said that she would start drama for no reason.

4. In real time ...

In real time ...
It looks like their marriage counseling or whatever did not work out if it happened at all. Laura has been hanging out in Ecuador for weeks -- with Evelin Villegas.

5. In fact ...

In fact ...
This week, Laura and Raul appeared to announce that they're a couple. Yes, Raul, the guy who's been in love with Evelin forever. Maybe they're trolling. This would not be the first time that Laura misled fans. Maybe they're trying to make Aladin and Evelin jealous? Or maybe Laura's ability to seduce handsome men needs to be studied by a team of scientists to create a new billion-dollar industry. WTF

6. Tiffany and Ronald

Tiffany and Ronald
It was heartbreaking to watch Tiffany and her darling son depart South Africa for the US, leaving Ronald behind.

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